Tuesday, February 9, 2010

eeeeee....Sudah Dimalukan


MALAYSIA on Monday warned foreign governments not to criticise its justice system or 'meddle' in the sodomy trial of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The trial, which Anwar says is a political plot to undermine the opposition, is being closely watched by Western governments whose diplomats have attended the hearings that began last week.

'Foreign diplomats and missions must respect Malaysia's legal and judicial system,' deputy foreign minister A. Kohilan Pillay told AFP. 'They are welcome to follow Anwar's trial as closely as they want but they must observe our laws and not meddle in our internal affairs by hurling all sorts of accusations,' he said.

'The case has only just begun so these foreign countries should please leave it to Malaysia's judges to decide rather than creating their own trial by making damaging comments about our system.'

Mr Kohilan did not single out any countries for criticism but the government-linked New Straits Times on Monday reported a speech to Australia's parliament by Mr Michael Danby, chairman of its sub-committee on foreign affairs.

'The Malaysian legal system is being manipulated by supporters of the incumbent government to drive... Anwar Ibrahim out of national politics,' Mr Danby told parliament last week. 'Perverting the legal system for political ends by charging Anwar with sexual offences is an affront to human rights,' he added.

The New Straits Times quoted Mr Kohilan as saying he would summon representatives of countries deemed to be interfering in the Anwar affair. --

This is what Associate Press mentioned about the international media covering the sodomy trial thing. So much that things were revealed to the international press that Malaysia started to get shamed over many themes including manipulation of the judiciary, corruption, clinging to power and being not practicing the real democracy as they were advocating.

The problem is that Kohilan is somewhat like most of the BN politicians who don't really understand the stark reality that is happening to this country. The most prominent of them are those from the Abdullah Badawi regime like Zam Maidin and some ministers whom many people love to whack today. That is why to this day, many people are still covered from the real truth by the print media. If anything bad happens, e.g. something that implicates a politician, they would be colluding with the accused by covering them up, either writing something inaccurate or not publishing at all, for the damage from publishing could be great.

This is the achilles heel of the current Malaysian state - international press embarassment.

The more people are covered with the blatant lie, the more it becomes a truth - a lie in disguised.

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