Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where's The Other Two?

So, the Kugan case has just kicked off this week with a few witnesses providing testimonies against one Indian police officer accused of committing torture. But just only one? No!!!! You can't torture a person single handedly to make a suspected criminal dead like that! The logical thing is that you need more than one person to put a person like Kugan in suffering injuries in a short period of time! Doing it alone is will not achieve such effect within the short time of Kugan suffering massive injuries.

Which means, that in fact, there is actually more than one police officer involved. What was never revealed to the main press is that there are two other officers involved. And both of according to some insiders and revealed in the recent piece by Pete, revealed Malay officers. It is a not so secret thing really but one possible reason of why the other two were never revealed is the fear of the identities exposed and turning it into a racial issue if this issue is exploited or goes out of control.

And this case has revealed how vile the third degree interrogation methods are used on suspects, those who are not convicted of the crime yet!

You can call this as a speculation but anyhow, it could be revealed later when our current suspect testifies or being cross-examined in the court. Psychologically speaking, the officer in question could be revealing that thing later on if he feels that he can get out of the guilt of not telling it out.

And speaking of which, do you think that the testimony by today's witness is worth it or not?

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