Friday, February 26, 2010

The Immature Collection of Malaysia

P. Gunasegaran had some points made out. Compulsion cannot be used against people. It is forcing people to listen against what they wish, even what you say may not be totally right.

The caning incident doesn't make things and Malaysia better, instead it embarrasses more for Malaysia. People involved in that proceeding that caning has lack the sense of maturity like in the case where NGOs associated filing a report against Star paper and SIS. The main argument didn't really give much of persuasion to call off. Instead, it raises more doubts, and shows more of elements of compulsion. If you have a knowledge and think that there is somewhat inaccurate in their arguments, you are actually encouraged to go ahead!

This is the main attitude problem and wrong mentality that is visible and revealed by the NGOs involved.

As for the Star, they were called in by the Home Ministry and was told to put an apology and remove it online, well, it is simply because they are under the mercy of the Ministry simply because of the annual permits. The ministry simply buckled under the pressure of the NGOs without further consideration into the merits of Guna's saying.

The line of which law are we following is blurred already. If you are a Malay in particular, you are bound by two sets of laws, which is a secular and syariah laws. Sometimes two sets of laws can be confusing in particular, and looking at India, they are starting to become successful despite multiple faiths including Islam because they use secular laws only. Remember that during the independence, secular law is first, Tunku said that Malaysia is a secular country with Islam as official religion (by official definition), not an Islamic country as some leaders right now say. The latter declaration is possibly one reason why such charade is happening today.

Perhaps this mirrors to one saying that is a comparison of two religions. Submit or decide. Decide means that you can choose to accept it or not, is up to you. Submit is more on forcing, meaning to make you take that against your will. I am afraid that what Guna describes here could happen in future:

"We have all seen what happens when religion – no matter what religion – is carried to extremes and hijacked by bigots. We don’t want public flogging, we don’t want arms chopped off, we don’t want people to be stoned to death, and we don’t want people to be burned at the stake."

The real fault is actually lies in the immature people who hold high positions in organization. Educational qualifications is one side, the other side is approach not beyond the shell they have.

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