Saturday, February 27, 2010

It Ain't Over. It Will Happen Again

The front page of the Star Paper yesterday proudly displayed Najib's boasting that the worst is over for the Malaysian economy based on the statistics of the 4th quarter of 2009. I have always anticipated that the statement is more or less a remission of the disease and it could relapse again sometime later.

Anwar was quite fast in responding back to Najib's statement by insisting that the situation is not over yet and part of the reason why the 4th quarter was performing well is due to a monthly pump in of RM1 billion. Why that? What is not known to most people is that the RM1 billion monthly is actually the money that was pumped in by former finance Minister Daim Zainuddin. Off the record, Najib actually visited Daim in Hong Kong over the money problem and solicited Daim's assistance. How would you explain why Najib's announcement last year that RM 1 billion is pumped in every month?

Speaking of relapse, it could happen in within the space of the next six months or so. Sometime back, it was predicted that another black Friday is about to happen in Wall Street by around 14 June 2010, where investors start cashing out investments from Wall Street. This will cause a global economic collapse overnight and no nation is spared from the catastrophe that could be happening.

That is why Malaysia should not boast about it. And to have GST at this time is inappropriate, inconvenient timing and so forth. Are our officials actually doing to what advisors cum Economic Hit Men would advise them to do really?

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