Saturday, February 27, 2010

Comical Sideshows in the USA

Previously, Anifah Aman's stunt with Hilary Clinton in the States last year was a laughing sideshow at Malaysia so far that it has become an embarrassment to the nation. And now the thing of Nazri Aziz and Mr. 'Raba Raba Bontot' Jarjis stunt of the CSIS thing seminar - becoming an off record is the latest comical sideshow the world has ever seen.

Sure, the MSM will not say that lest the Home Ministry hauls them to Putrajaya as what happened this week over Gunasegaran's article.

APCO - the PR company brought in to improve Najib Razak's image and the 1Malaysia concept helped organized the event and when it was told to people of how the event went including what happened to Gani Patail and the ex-Chief Justice, things went sour and whatever that was expected never happened out there - which is why Lim Kit Siang went with guns blazing at Nazri. So APCO's lobbying of this stunt went disastrous.

Still, this presents the thing that Malaysia's present weakness is the impression they are showing outside there. The nation has been embarassed by such sideshows as this. It seems from this including the updates on the Anwar sodomy II trial, that no other country is willing to buy what Malaysia intends to explain given it was found out that Nazri lied in his teeth. They knew it's political hegemony from United Malays National Organization.

Since it has become a sideshow, Mr. Raba Bontot Jarjis decided to put this as an off-the-record matter. But hey, it's too late already. People know. And I just want to see how the guys at Barisan Nasional would react with more embarassments and criticism from the international media hit them like cream pies. If they love to criticize other nations for example Israel for their attack on the Palestinians, why Malaysia reacts like a spoilt child when other countries hit us for things that don't make sense like the trial, the caning and so forth?

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