Thursday, February 4, 2010

That Reminds Me Two Years Ago...

This was two years ago. I was out of a job. I left at the end of January. So I literally spent one month plus minus between interviews and doing whatever I fancied. It was a time where I had to put tight on money. At that time, there was the Lingam tape inquiry thing. As to satisfy my curiosity, I went to the courthouse a few times. The first time was in the afternoon, in which I had to wait to see if any body wants to surrender the pass or had enough with it. Chances, at the time, the enthusiasm of witnessing the trial was so high that the public passes were pretty limited at that time.

For a few days or so, whenever I was free, I would line up like mad at around 7 30 in the morning to be among the first few to get the pass. If you were early on the line, congratulations, you can get a chance to go in and see it. Of course, there will be breaks of course, and I would go down and have breakfast and tea before going up / or lunch.

At least going there once or twice was worth it. One afternoon, there was a interview with the press outside the courtroom and there were people asking questions on some lawyers. I in fact had seen the PKR man from Brickfields prominently during those days. We had a cup of tea together and he told me of his time at the first Reformasi. And then there was the ANN cameraman during those trips. The last time I saw him was on the Bagan Pinang polling day.

Of course, you can't be there all the time because you would get bored or so, and seeing now that how Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy II trial going on, reminds me of those few days back two years ago, when I was out of a job. I just thought of being there for one day or so. Anyhow I noticed that the prosecution team is firing the first salvo, berating with many things as it seems to force a guilty verdict on Anwar. But there prosecution is banking on Saiful's testimony and the semen. Speaking of the semen, they said that it was deliberately planted to convict him and it seems that are unwilling to hand it over to the independent chemist to analyze if Anwar succeeds in getting the prosecution to hand over the other stuff to them.

I guess that's why this is what is happening on now. An independent chemist could find that the DNA planted there is the old one, not the new sample or so. And that will screw the ace in the hole.

One more thing: you can try to google the images with the keyword "sodomy trial" and you would notice that the dailies around the world, like in American and Europe are covering this. And this time, there could be some things coming out from them that could embarass Malaysia - like the Anifah Aman episode in the White House. I rather not want to hear or read that what was covered by the foreign press gets scorned by our immature leaders like Zam back in Bersih.

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