Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh What A Lovely Day! : Part 1

Yes, I didn't get to write anything during the Chinese New Year period. I am really sorry, for I was still in a festive mood or so. Anyhow, there will be the usual talk later on, but let's cover the three days during that Chinese New Year week shall we?

Part 1 was talking about my good colleague buddy Arunbabu's last day in the company on last Friday. He went back to India one week ago and a colleague of mine with myself spent the last 2 weeks with discussion sessions as part of his handover plan.

I felt nervous and very nervous whenever if there are problems arising after he left so I spent those few days on Q&A. But it's to get a hang later on.

This was taken before Chinese New Year, so it's adieu to a friend and a punching bag. I guess two years here is pretty enough for him really.

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