Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flashback: 6 August 2008

The Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II trial has drawn much of attention from local and international media, with each sides portraying Anwar in a contrasting matter. In the western print, the international media like the Washington Post, Al-Jazeera, has portrayed Anwar as a victim of political persecution, a frame-up victim and many things that indicate of his innocence. They also did mention of the same script from Sodomy I being reused again for the plot of the decade.

The local media, including the hawk media of Utusan has portrayed Anwar as a liar, charlatan, and many other things likewise as to say he is actually lying in his teeth and guilty of the sodomy outright. As a reader reading both sides of the story, you would be definitely be confused over which story to trust - either the local BN-controlled media or the international press.

I have already mentioned this many times that I am not a Anwarista or a loyalist to the man, but sometimes, there are some opinions and facts that are hurled against the man seemed to be incorrect in logic and moral aspects.

Utusan did a mistake last week, having published photos of the visit to the condominium. As a result, this was exploited by Anwar in today's call for the recusal of the judge, citing bias decisions that the judge made in the past.

What's my opinion on this? So far neither, until more things unfold later on. But at the beginning of the trial, I was reminded something which was 18 months back.

Exactly 18 months ago, there was an article that surfaced on Malaysia today entitled "Sodomologist Extraordinaire". What was written contains a very interesting line which details notes and charts to incriminate Raja Petra and Anwar Ibrahim. According to that piece, the sodomy plan II was also conceptualized there as well. Of course this eventually led to the suit against Pete by Shafee on 15 August 2008.

What is to say is that piece written 18 months ago gives a hint and orientation of how the trial, if it goes as it is planned , the trial of Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II would go. You don't need to be an idiot to figure it out eventually.

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