Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wishlist for 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

I was having a late dinner when I was watching TV outside a coffee shop in Setapak of the live New Year's Countdown at Sungei Wang Plaza. Boy, I was lucky not to go there after contemplating of joining the fray. It's gonna be a bad jam and true, the road going to my house (before the Titiwangsa Lakeside) is kind of jam in an unusual nature.

As a gift to kick start the new year, I was paid a month's bonus by the company. I'm planning to save it for a gadget or maybe get a bowling ball perhaps.

But anyhow, taking cue from Tikus..., I've got a wish list in hand (the must score ones):
  1. Stay employed (immediate priority)
  2. Earn $10000 ringgit of PASSIVE income (Note: must have time to commit to I.M!!!!!)
  3. Getting a brand new custom gaming machine with equipment worth $5000 ringgit (after calculating the equipment and components)
  4. Getting into a better space (apartment rent..most probably it's Genting Court in Setapak) - cheap is good!
  5. BN gets a whack of their life.
  6. Stop making trouble to the people, err...I mean the government policies.
I'm also planning to have a gift for myself...want to setup a Facebook account in the next few days or so....

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