Monday, January 14, 2008

Fine Dining In Ipoh Part I

I was in Ipoh since last Thursday until Sunday. I remembered a story that my dad told me a few weeks back that he took the family to a place at Brewster Road (Jalan Sultan Idris Shah) opposite Padang Ipoh for dinner. That place was simply called Brewsters (opposite the famous F.M.S Bar.)

The restaurant's signature dish is called Pork Knuckles. Unfortunately, when I went there that day, I was told that they only sell that on weekends.

But there are some signature dishes that after that round, I really enjoyed it. I remembered my mother tried going there one Monday in November while we're all in Cameron Highlands for the family trip, but it was closed.

The best starter dish would be the Pan Fried Sauted Mushrooms. The mushrooms are those button ones. Thursday's special includes a Ham Salad - the ham was cured with some honey and vinegrette and with some salad.

Besides the pork knuckle, one of the dishes was called the Wicky Wicky Pork Chop. Served with mint, mushroom sauce with potato salad, the pork was deep fried with a crispy skin outside. It's fillet portion too!

I recently learned that they had successfully acquired the liquor selling license, which means, in the next month or so, they would start selling wine there as well. Upstairs, is a special room catered for parties that can accommodate 60 people.

I find the pricing there is reasonable. The serving size is quite big given its price. It's worth the food there. Another place for fine dining would be Indulgence, but it will cost another 20 percent more for the same quality of food.

I thought I saw this in a Star Central Metro article, but instead, I found out through my blog buddy Howsy. The owner was one Anne Dass, whom I thought she was someone else until I read the post.

Basically, it's easy to find the restaurant, except having the trouble to find parking. It's directly opposite the FMS Bar and just next the the Perak NUBE office.

Address: No 5, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak


  1. Hi Melvin,

    Thank you for your lovely comments on our food at Brewster's Ipoh.

    I'm pleased you enjoyed our food. We are always open to positive criticisms and will try our best to improve on our quality and services.

    Just a correction here. My good friend Anne Dass is helping us out at Brewster's. My name is Grace Toong and my hubby, Albert are the owners of Brewster's. He is also the Executive Chef.

    Thank you and kind regards,
    Grace Toong
    Brewster's Restaurant
    5, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah
    30000 Ipoh, Perak
    Tel: 05-2410333

  2. We were there last sunday and the food was excellent. Very cosy place too.

  3. We Have moved to Greentown.

    121, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil
    Single story bungalow opposite CIMB Bank

    Bigger Place, Own Parking and Wider range of food in Our Menu.
    Can contact us at 05- 2411105



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