Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Long Waiting Period....Bah!

Some friends of mine commented that leaving the company early to take a good break is something to be deserved.

So does Edmund.

But I don't really like waiting that long. I thought waiting for too long won't do good to a person, especially if a person is itching to go back to work. Well, in the few days after I left two weeks ago, I was convinced that I could start as early as after Chinese New Year. I have attended about six to seven interviews and most of them said to me that I need to wait for one or two weeks later before they say that I come for second interview. What...second interview? I thought I would score, sign the offer letter and then start as soon as one interview is over. I just don't feel like waiting for too long.

Second interview has become a common practice already. But I am still contemplating of whether to take this part time job. A friend of mine, moonlighting as a PFA - Personal Finance Agent man would like me to join him in the outsourcing business. I thought it would be good for now, extra income while waiting for a job to come, and etc.. no requirements except applying for a ID number for the agent record and just 3 hours of Seems like it's a good thing to do for now....

All in all I never like doing those things. I just want to dispense with the pleasantries and just go into work...bah!


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