Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Two Cents for The Doc

It's just two days into 2008, and the government had its first hiccup.

I should have guessed it earlier on New Year's Eve of the identity of the minister mentioned in the sex video. Hint: Johor. It's the Malaysian style of Nixon episode going on here.

A very interesting fact that I was told sometime ago is that Dr. Chua was used to be my friend's ex-neighbor in Batu Pahat - he had run a clinic there as a G.P before going into politics - My friend lived in Batu Pahat until the age of 18 in 1994 before moving to Petaling Jaya. Dr. Chua has three children, and his only daughter his younger sister's best friend.

Okay, it's enough of involving my friend, but it's like giving a POV opinion. I really notice that, because of his medical background, he has been very proactive in running the ministry compared to his predecessor Dr. Chua Jui Meng, initiated various health campaigns to ensure proper health watch over all citizens. Here's one example: He proposed of labeling and banning fast food ads for kids because the content of fast food can be bad for children. Too much body fats, calories, encouraging bad eating habits and so on. More hospitals are built and variety of things.

The one thing that I kept noticing on my side is that in the total of 20 minutes of ads no less than 5 ads from the Ministry of Health appears in a one-hour show prime-time on the RTM channels. I had the count last Friday when I watched a local TV show. Correct, correct, correct.

Sure, you know that he was the one offering a helping hand for the Namewee saga to help them facing the UMNO music.

I have to agree that there are people out there to bump him off from the politics game - someone who hopes that he doesn't contest in the next elections. But sometimes, playing dirty would be a way to, shall I say, get the attention of attention-seekers if your lamenting via official channels were totally ignored. A politics game is always one of the double-edge sword games that a person has to play. I think it was better to do it by himself to quit all posts rather than getting the black and white statement from the High Council (see Malaysiakini).

Admitting to the sex scandal and resigning from that can be a painful but a honorable thing. The first thing is that it sets a standards of what a good leader should be rather than hiding in cowardice. Secondly, it tells people and those who wish to be in politics to hold a very big responsibility.

Perhaps it will be a good long break for Dr. Chua.


1. Full biography of the man


  1. the higher you go, the greater the they say "if you can't spend the time, don't do the crime" heart goes out to his family.

  2. Dr Chua's daughter is my younger sister's best friend. Dr Chua himself was my dad's classmate. Personally, I've never really known him at all. His two sons were not friends with me at all (one is one-year my senior and the other is one-year my junior - we were in the same primary/secondary school in BP though). What happened to Dr Chua's political career is regrettable. But it's really quite difficult to side with him since he really was caught in the act. What I really do pity is the state of his family now - they must be going through some really difficult times with this character-assassination thing happening.


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