Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Any Idiot Can Figure It Out!

"The battle years in the making! Except the story's too short. Not enough suspense. Any idiot can figure out the ending."

Cleve Gorman, Return to Big Nothing

Return to Big Nothing marks the return of the Punisher into the foray of the first attempt on silver screen starring Dolph Lundgren. And it was one of the great Punisher pre-Ennis stories before the Ennis-era showcases the accurate portrayal of Frank Castle in the Punisher MAX series.

Well, enough of that for now.


When Shockalingam made his testimony yesterday, he said he was too drunk to remember about the corruption video. And secondly, he said that the guy on the video sounds like him and resembled him.

Of course this contrasts to what Gwo Burne was saying about Lingam at the night of shooting the video. He heard a phone ringing and Lingam picked up the phone, answering the call. At the final six minutes, he said it was Ahmad Fairuz. The video expert checked through the whole thing and it's indeed, no mistake, Lingam on the video. And our bugger denies everything.

You can actually trace your caller's number and store it in your phone. He doesn't remember.

Everyone including the expert is saying the man in the video is him. He said it's not him.

If you are a frequent wine-drinker like myself, you don't get drunk after 2 1/2 glasses. Maybe around 4 to 6 will give you the tell tale sign. He's a frequent wine drinker.

If you watch the video again, he's still sober at the time of the conversation. If you are drunk, you would move unevenly or hiccup some times. He doesn't show both signs, meaning he's sober.

Any idiot can figure it out easily. You don't need an Einstein brain to deduce that Lingam is making tons of excuses to escape from inquiry and walk away scott free.

In the morning, when I woke up reading this on the online version of the dailies, I was laughing because he's trying to fool everyone with a nice gag but no one buys into it.

It's kind of like Samy Vellu trying to run away from his mistakes when the Indian community is still in anger mode. Lingam is just another person like Samy, except he's in a professional career.

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  1. Children's Guessing Game

    "Who? Me?"
    "Yes, you!"
    "Couldn't be!"
    "Then who?"

    Just remember the words of the song
    "God is watching us from a distance!"

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Tue. 22nd Jan. 2008.

  2. Of course he's an idiot and plus a moron.... he is Groolingam!!!

  3. And the saga continues on Day 7 - Royal Commission Inquiry – Lawyers’ (divided into 2 camps) submitted on relevancy of former CJ Eusoff's NZ holiday with Lingam; And Commission to decide on 24 Jan 08; Bit of drama when Wee’s Bid to submit was prevented & shouted down by Haidar
    More details
    Go H E R E


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