Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Time To Go...

Well...back to square one.

After close to two years on the current job, I'll be going back to the job market. Yesterday was my last day at the current company.

I've been on the current job on a contract basis since starting in March 2006. Being on the contract basis means that I'm entitled to most benefits that a permanent employee do except for a few little things or two. So last Monday, I had a contract review with my employers. We talked about many things over the last year. I had an extension last year. After going through the details, I wasn't happy over a few aspects. In my view, it's the potential medium-term prospects, my frustration, the department level atmosphere and most important of all, my relationship with my immediate manager. But on the management side, it's that they are kind of not so happy over my methods of solving problems. So both parties with mutual agreement decided not to extend my contract or convert my position into a permanent one.

According to the contract, I will officially leave the organization on 1st of March. But on that day of discussion, when both sides decided on the decision, I appreciated that they helped me on getting things ready when I leave the company. First of all, I only one small task left on my weekly report, which means that they would let me leave earlier, either today or yesterday to help me complete my handover of duties to whoever takes over me. So yesterday, I had to backup all my personal documents and take some stuff back - but no network connection as security measure. Secondly, I would be paid in full for this month itself an a specified amount for February.

I am somewhat grateful being given to honor to work for that kind of organization. They took care of things quite well and I received bonuses for 06 and 07. The staff were quite good, especially the support department who loved me so much. I was quite sorry to leave. My departure yesterday was low key. I just took all my documents from the drawer and left with soft-documents. Whenever I saw a colleague, I just didn't say that I was leaving. Only two people knew that I was leaving: my manager and my finance manager, William.

The timing of the departure would give me plenty of time to look for a new post. Interestingly, after I decided to leave, I applied for some jobs online and I had 5 interviews lined up next week.

I knew that will come sometime soon. Dad wanted me to move to a better industry, particularly a international level or a banking industry. I looked at the monthly pay and felt that given of things that could happen in the next few months or so, I would need more than the current amount.

So what would I do now? Well, it's time for a break. A well deserved-break. I've got a few things in mind:

1. Try to start back my put-on-hold internet marketing.
2. Improve my soft-skills and those Java-skills. Starting to realize to expand that skill set.
3. Go for job interviews.

I'm bit tight this week while waiting for my pay next week. But I get all the time in the world to enjoy on my own. I only told my mum about it. She had me get ready if things didn't go out well.

Know what I did today? I went to cover the Lingamtape inquiry live.


  1. You quit too? Haha! I just resigned on Wednesday as well. Welcome back to the job-search world... :)

  2. Well, it's something that I didn't really have a choice over it. I wanted to stay there for another year or so before going over. But I was afraid that the current pay might not cover enough for this year.

    Another thing is the work atmosphere there. It was kind of like a funeral there. Too quiet on my side. Tends to feel like there is no motivation there.

    I just hope that the next one is just like the current one but it's more exciting and captivating.


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