Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chuah Gets The Grilling

I stopped by the KL Court Complex yesterday and today as to get some updates and perhaps gain a personal opinion from watching the Haidar commission up close and personal.

Unfortunately, I need a pass to go in and in these two days, I did not have the chance to do so. Because of this, I had to get the updates and so from my other two blogger friends there, Polytikus and Haris.

So far the prominent witness in question for the last two days was ACA Supt. Chuah Lay Choo. This was the woman who issued the summons against Anwar Ibrahim and Sivarasa for violating a directive to hand over the complete 14-minute Lingam clip in October.

Yesterday, according to Malaysiakini, the royal panel grilled her over 11 discrepancies discovered when comparing with her version of the video transcript against the one meticulously prepared by the Bar Council. She also faced a barrage of questions queried by the Bar.

Many expected today Dr. Mahathir to be providing the testimony in the morning. However, there was a change in the schedule as Chuah has yet to settle yesterday's issue and was designated the first witness in the morning. After Chuah, the next witness was the former Chief Secretary, Samsudin Osman. Dr. Mahathir appeared at the afternoon session, 2.30 p.m.

At lunch today, I was told that Chuah got another grilling today over the phone numbers. The ACA could not get the phone numbers of V.K Lingam as the lines are pre-paid, not post-paid. Not many questions could be answered and as such, she was due to appear as the first witness in tomorrow's session.

On a side note, Lingam tried to fool by saying that the person in the video was identical to me. This was against what the analytical results of the video revealed and other witness testimony. It was a nice try for Lingam, but he cannot deny that any longer.


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