Monday, January 7, 2008

In This Corner....In That Corner

In this ring on my left, it's Newline and Warner Brothers, team Blu-Ray!

In this ring on my right, it's Paramount and Universal, team HD-DVD!

In an unexpected decision, Newline and Warner Brothers, both under Time Warner have decided to release high-definition titles in Blu-Ray format only with effective from June 2008. This brings another problem to consumers who are eagle to watch movies in high-definition format but either undecided on which format they prefer or could not watch movies who have a different format than their existing player.

Even though it was said that HD-DVD is much in demand for those in North America, Europe and Asia are more leaning towards Blu-Ray players. A few key advantages of Blu-Ray is of its sound system, which is far better as well as the format is embraced by the PC market. Samsung has released a Blu-Ray drive and it is already been selling in Singapore.

If for some reason, perhaps we can wait for the LG Hybrid Player that could be out at later this year. Somehow, they can play both formats if we want to watch all. HD-DVD is better in terms of picture quality and inclusion of the IME, In Movie Experience that is not seen in Blu-Ray so far.

It's just another parallel fight between X-Box 360 and Playstation 3.

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