Friday, January 25, 2008

Dei...Don't Bullshit Me!

On Monday, my father told me that in anticipation of a possible boycott by Hindus at Batu Caves for this year's Thaipusam celebrations, about 1 million Hindus will travel to Penang's Waterfall temple instead. All hotels in Penang, mainland and in the island were fully booked. Most of them would travel on Monday night or on Tuesday. Alternatively, they might try to go to another temple in Klang.

It was no surprise that after many years of pressuring the federal government to extend the Thaipusam public holiday to cover the Federal Territory that finally it was agreed upon this year.

I am no fan of neither HINDRAF nor Samy Vellu. From various accounts I've asked around, the turnover at Batu Caves on Wednesday morning and afternoon was far lower than the previous years. As expected most would do it in Penang, Ipoh or Klang, shunning Batu Caves. The main reason was that to avoid a repeat of the November 25 HINDRAF rally, the FRU men were stationed at the temple compound, making the taste of celebration turned sour.

Earlier, Samy Vellu arrived for the celebrations under heavy escort by anti-riot police. About 50 Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) members escorted Samy Vellu from his car to the Thaipusam celebration operation centre where he delivered his address.

The boycott was a measure to indicate Samy Vellu that the Indians are no longer had faith to the MIC and being a branch of the BN-government. To them, MIC had failed them. Seeing the HINDRAF rally prompted them to act sooner rather than doing whatever possible to help their own kind. Extending Thaipusam to federal level is a last desperate attempt to save Samy Vellu and his post as well as to regain the people's trust on Barisan Nasional. Another thing that the government did is to improve the quota of police personnel promoted to the Inspector level, increased from 1 to at least 3 or 4 Indians.

All in all, BN is desperate of winning back after being hit by a series of rallies since November last year.

Look at this piece from The Sun:

"The crowd is the usual crowd. I come here for Thaipusam for the last 60 years. I know the crowd. Today, devotees (and visitors) spread out because unwanted buildings have been removed to create more space for people to walk around.

"I don't think religious people who want to pray to Lord Muruga will listen to all the naughty fellows," he said, adding that more than 950,000 people thronged Batu Caves last night.

"Now (at 10.30am) there are fewer people because they are tired," explained Samy Vellu, claiming that most devotees had gone to take a break but will be back later in the afternoon. He said the people who sent such SMSes are "dirty fellows".

"A clean man with a good brain and head will never send such an SMS ... the only thing they know how to do is to accuse people," said Samy Vellu.

The SMSes claimed that the temple committee had allowed the police to enter the temple complex during the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) rally in November to disperse supporters gathered there.

"These are nasty, low grade fellows. They do not have the capacity to do things that comply with law and order."

Asked for his opinion on rumours that Indian votes will swing towards the opposition in the next general election, he said: "Ya, the next government is an opposition government. That is what they are dreaming.

"I show you, this time we smash the opposition. All the opposition fellows got bundles of nonsense behind their heads. They have so many dirty history, every one of them. When they start blaming anyone, that is the time we talk about their history."

Samy Velly also initiated the issue of the Indian Contractors Foundation Association who claimed that they had not received any help from the government.

"Don't just accuse. If you sit at home, we're not going to bring the contracts to you. They must be active and show interest. The government wants to help them, but they must help themselves first."

He said the government will take care of Hinduism in the country and that the religion is already set in the Federal Constitution.

He asked the Indian community to ignore opposition parties' tactics in using religious places for politics. "We must know how to be ashamed. Those who know how to be ashamed will not use kuils.

"God knows what is happening and what we have done and he will only help MIC and BN.

The last line simply implies, that you MUST vote for BN...if by force.

I can surmise that not many Indians start to trust BN now given how the police acted at HINDRAF. They locked the temple gates, started spraying water cannons at them, now who is the one started the whole thing? (Read: police)

Samy...Dei....don't bullshit me!

Malaysiakini - Indians 'pre-amp' message to MIC, Samy

Image by Mob

Lingam Was Bragging

I was sitting in the court room yesterday and it was in the afternoon session. The case of fixing cases is barred from covering from the commission panel. But the thing that alerted me was Shockalingam's answer to a lawyer:
This was in my house, in the privacy of my room. My house is my castle. I’m the king of my house. I can talk whatever rubbish I want in my house, as long as I don’t get drunk outside and misbehave.

I cannot recall I said that. Even if I did, I’m sorry to use this word, but I was bulls****ing and bragging.
I thought for one moment, he trying to buy time by bullshitting? At times, dad use to say that to me sometimes when I was hesitant or when he knows that I wanted to cover this up. Perhaps the similar practice can be used in the Lingamtape inquiry, except it's used at the bigger level.

Dei...Don't Bullshit Me!

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