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Chua's Cryptic Clues

Continuing from Two Cents for The Doc:

I met a friend of mine last Thursday for lunch and he brought up an interesting subject in regards to our sex scandal ex-Minister Chua Soi Lek. Every newspaper in the whole country showed the picture of Chua with the title of Chua Resigns at its cover page.

My assumption of why Chua quit was because of the threat of a blackmail by somebody over this matter being a political ploy to make CCTV cameras requiring Approved Permits if the video leaks out later than now. This was the possibility that was sent by another friend of mine on that Thursday morning. But, after the talk at lunch, it was not as what it seems.

On New Year, when he admitted that he was the man inside the DVD video, he did say something at the last line of the article. If you recall the article by The Star, the last paragraph was:

On who was behind the video clip, Dr Chua said: “Who did it and why is obvious but it is not important now.”

Read the last quote carefully, in your lips. The word 'obvious' was mentioned by Dr. Chua himself and this gives the meaning that he knew someone set him up, an MCA Blackhand or something. There has been accusations among the MCA that there is a blackhand inside, but I do not believe that the blackhand is inside there but from the outside instead. With that, Dr. Chua has dropped the breadcrumbs or some cryptic messages that anybody can pick up and follow, if they understand the clues by hard.

Well, after much of the discussion, we can at least pick up some clues that gives a hint of who might be the blackhand. For my clue accounts, we can go that long, but after discussing a matter with Nuraina or Kak Ena, I will put the trail one step short. But then, another account of the blackhand surfaced in Big Pete's article here, which suggests that the Ong brothers wanted to throw him out because of a statement by Chua that pissed OKT.

Of course, the rise in Chua's politics is somewhat very impressive given the titles and positions in MCA that he gained the moment he joined MCA. He was popular from top to the grassroots level. But then, as here said, Chua was too straight forward and he meets the woman on the DVD at the same hotel, same room at the same time at different dates. He could have waited for a Royal Commission to produce its results and then quit. But now, with no Royal Commission, there is no collection of papers that document the video and those witness testimony.

For my account, it doesn't take quite a long time to figure out various coincidences and situations to figure out who is likely to set Chua up. It can be figured given his location and the current possibility of a General Election. After some time discussing that matter, I was enlightened by various coincidences and scenarios mentioned.

Coincidences, Current Situations, Clues:

1. Chua Soi Lek's constituency is called Labis. Labis is a sub-section of Batu Pahat besides Yong Peng. And Batu Pahat is famous for having gold there. Labis has a gold mine there. It struck to me that I saw a shop in Old Town Ipoh that says Batu Pahat Goldsmith that I realized that Batu Pahat was full of gold. And there is an implication that there are opportunists waiting to take him out in order to exploit the riches there for themselves.

2. Labis is a piece of area that could be expanded and included as part of the IDR (Iskandar Development Region). If you invest in land and property there, you would get a high amount of interest and returns the next time the land value inflates by say 12% in the next 3 years or so. However, with Chua as MP there, you could find opposition from the man himself or those supporting him there. If you are a Big Brother crony, with Chua out, and invest there, you could enjoy the returns later on and only you, no one else.

3. The woman could have been paid by someone else without the attention of Chua. At the end of each session she would report to Mr. X and then Mr. X makes the next move. How she met Mr. X could been through a function that she, Chua and Mr. X met.

4. Did you see today's articles? 'Election Fever Gets Hotter' This means that election is sooner than expected and it is likely that the election is on 15 March 2008. And given that the election is impending, every BN election candidate, state or federal level will have their backgrounds scrutinized.

5. Remember that the nation is still rocked by the Altantuya murder case that is still in the hearing there. And when cases like Nurin's murder or other things hit the newsstands, every one of us will tend to turn our eye away from that case. The murder case still remains the highest priority right now, not even the Lingamtape thing or PKFZ scandal. This thing was a ploy, designed to take our eyes out from the real attention above.


I did say that I will stop one step short here. But the breadcrumbs are laid out by Chua clearly and it is possible to follow the breadcrumbs and predict the black hand.

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2. Malaysiakini - Minister's Fall: Who's 'Black Hand' Was It?

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