Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Last Call!

On Wednesday, at lunch with my usual friend, we were discussing on Bedol Napoleon's shock that the crime rate of the nation had rose by another 13 percent. And a measure to help reduce crime rates is by installing CCTVs (Close Circuit Cameras) around buildings in towns.

I must say that this implies that the tenders for CCTVs are now open and the winner of the contract is not judged by the quality and bidding levels, but instead it is to the preferential Malay-first tender. And you know that means that the riches gained from the contract is given to one group, not everyone. Just imagine that installing CCTVs worth about $5000 per building in about 1000 buildings in the Klang Valley alone can net about $5 million in profit to whoever wins the award.

If you agree with my inference, then congratulations - you are a real-thinking Malaysian.

But CCTVs alone is not enough to combat crime. Even if you have the CCTVs there, the police still could not track the identity of the killer of Nurin! The rules of engagement, the standards of law enforcement still remains at a abysmal and unacceptable level. The police recently had misused or violated the standards set by utilizing unnecessary resources against things like the HINDRAF thing.

After reading that thing, I felt that what Dr. Farrukh Saleem said about the literacy level in a Muslim-majority nation is much lower than a non-Muslim-majority nation is definitely right. From the statement of Abdullah Badawi, this clearly means that he doesn't really understand a lot of the current affairs of the whole nation. He's a flip-flop and decisions are left to the 4th Floor guys to do it. I actually stumbled upon an e-book by an organization claiming of 70 reasons of why Abdullah Badawi is weak. Some points are sensible but not all are to be accepted.

Now back to the Sharlinie thing, it's clearly that the same man behind the Nurin murder.

Johor is one state in the Peninsular that is the most notorious. The amount of criminal cases in that state is far more compared to the number in Klang Valley or even in Penang. I suppose that it is either lack of enforcement or people's attitude of a man is an island thing that could be the cause of the thing. (See latest Malaysiakini case: MIC Man Shot Dead in Johor). Remember the Tengku Goh thing? It happens more in the south than in the central or the northern region.

The media has been reporting signs of election fever coming around the corner. So, it's clearly that it's set on 15 March. Why? Two reasons: the school holiday week and secondly, to prevent Anwar Ibrahim from competing in the politics arena. They all knew that he would be eligble for contest after April 2008, so why wait for him?

It's now the last call for the police force and the government. No identity has been established - the name of the killer - but a photofit. If they cannot catch the killer by the time election is around the corner, I can have a good guess that BN would be suffering a much heavier defeat compare to 1999.

I don't have to do over-the-top rant as Uncle Bernard do or be more sarcastic as my buddy blogger Howsy would say but Musa Hassan's job credibility is in stake. He had been entrusted by Abdullah Badawi through a two-year contract extension. Failure to that means loss of trust to the police force. After all, they have been hit by criticism of brutality act in the rallies. Need I say more?

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