Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anwar's Arrest: Hidden Hand Rocking The Cradle?

It was shocking to hear that Anwar Ibrahim was taken away (read: arrest) from the house with one hour before the deadline given by the police in which he was required to provide his statement over his sodomy case. I believed he was trying to proof to them that he is keeping his word but arrested before his deadline is contradicting the agreement that he agreed upon with the police, esp. DSP Jude Pereira. But the police had something otherwise.

There was something amiss in the rules of engagement with their intention of getting statements from suspected persons although Bakri Zinin refuted that they were following guidelines. They could have called him and remind him to come, in case he has forgotten or something. The top brass has something to answer really of the rationale of the decision. In the past few days, the government is in paranoia mode. And, in Malay politics, you need to choose your allies carefully for trust is something that kills a person, especially if you are a high ranking politician.

Note: Bakri Zinin was responsible in 2001 for assaulting Pete and Marina in detention.

At the Parliament in the afternoon, the deputy Home Minister, Wan Farid Salleh, a known proxy of Khairy said something of :
Wan Ahmad Farid said Anwar should not have returned home after giving his statement to the Anti-Corruption Agency today, but should instead have gone straight to the Kuala Lumpur police contingent headquarters (IPK KL) before 2pm.
"What is the difference, 20-30 minutes? But the warrant of arrest had been issued," he said on Anwar's arrest before 2pm, the time given by police for Anwar to appear at the IPK KL to assist in the investigations into the sodomy allegation against him
......whereas the Opposition suspects Khairy of firsthand knowledge of the report while they do not know before the police asked for DNA samples from Anwar (which was turned down by him).

From the speech patterns and the timing it seems that the police were forced the hand by maybe shadow figures. There seemed to be traces of Khairy's shadowy hand that moved the events today given by his suggestion of DNA sampling from Anwar. Wan Farid could be the one executing the order. The statement by Wan Farid seems to sound a hint of political manipulation. The question I have is with the update of Anwar leaving Putrajaya after making a partial statement to the ACA, who was the one calling the shot? Someone surely must have saw it and notified either Khairy or Wan Farid...then they in turn ordered the police to stop him and forget about waiting at 2 p.m....

Whatever the case, is that the two giants, Anwar and Najib have awoken from slumber and they are pitted to fight against each other by shadowy hands. In the end, while Najib and Anwar fight out, the real winner would be none other than Abdullah and Khairy.

Speaking of which, Bedol Napoleon has violated his tenets of Islam Hadhari. Syed Husin Ali said:
"He was giving his statement at the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) office in the morning. He decided to go home for a meal and his prayers. Zohor is at 1.30pm. The police scheduled the meeting at 2pm, don't they have respect for prayers? What Islam Hadhari is this?"

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  1. Just my own observation:
    July 14 Monday: CID Bakri Zinin waited for DSAI to turn up at IPKL. Court Order disallowed DSAI to be within 5km of Parliament House. Bakri is silent on the conflicting police and court order.

    July 16 Wednesday: Bakri Zinin gave DSAI until 2pm to turn up at IPKL. At 12.50pm DSAI was arrested by Bukit Aman Serious Crime Division and not by Special Action Force (UTK) under Bakri Zinin. Yet the police from Bukit Aman Serious Crime were dressed in UTK uniform.

    I agree with you on the hidden hand - 2 in fact due to the conflicting actions of the police. Is PDRM split down the line?


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