Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Form of Communism in Malaysia

I just got back from Ipoh about 3 hours ago and there was a roadblock at the Jalan Duta toll house. At first I thought it was a manhunt for some assassins (similar to the one in Simpang Pulai), but later I found out that the one in Simpang Pulai was not the one in town. Minutes ago, I went to check the latest news to say that the roadblock was borne out of a wrong facts that Anwar was trying to organize a rally in conjunction to an upcoming decision on the no-confidence motion against Abdullah Badawi. The roadblock is part of Abdullah's Ops Padam, a plan close to Ops Lalang but it is indirectly trying to gag public dissent against government.

Can you imagine an old man doing his scriptwriting in the bathroom?

Famed leftist, screenwriter Dalton Trumbo (one of the Hollywood 10 Blacklisted ) included most of his experiences of McCarthyism in his screenplay, Spartacus. The film, together with another film that he wrote (from Leon Uris' novel) Exodus marked the end of Hollywood Blacklisting by the form of proper credition. The most interesting part in Spartacus is that it shows themes of communism. Slavery was the early form of communism, now subversion is the new variation of communism.

What is seen in the movie mirrors what is happening now in Malaysia, in the political scenario. While the government has constantly repeated its stance (mostly by Nazri Aziz) as a guided-democracy nation, it is slowly (through observartions) moving its stance towards communism by clamping down of freedom (as most human rights activists perceive) , making arrests of public people for just witnessing, intimidating people of not coming into rallies that seem to show the last-resort of dissent against ridiculous policies and worst of all, subverting people into their policies, gag people with court orders.... Little have they forgotten, that people pick the government, not government forcing onto people.

Here are a few scenes in Malaysia that shows of the new form of 'communism' in Malaysia.

1. Brainwashed! The one element that both entities have in common is there are race elements shown in one of their modules. In BTN, the Malays are taught to hate in secret of the Chinese and Indians, particularly in Chinese because we control the Malaysian economy. The remnants of the 1969 hate trails remain linger here, which is still taught till today. I was dismayed by how things turned up in the NS. They too were taught / brainwashed of believing things that are not logical and contains racial sentiments in Malaysia.

This clearly reminded me of Hitler Youth regime, something that Zorro brought up a few days ago. We could be heading towards the direction whereby how US youths were brainwashed to fight in Vietnam and the Iraq wars, all ended in many body bags and dismal showings.

In the education aspect of Malaysia, as Jeff pointed, the hands of education are in the hands of Johoreans. I was told of many stories by some friends (who provide their accounts of their years in Johor) of those politicians, special men, and even royalties from Johor. All ends in one conclusion: they behave like a pampered child, relying on cannon fodders to do their bidding and behave like little Napoleons.

2. Force acception - Bung Mokthar, the MP under scrutiny the entire week issued a warning to the renegade entity called SAPP: if you vote for the motion, you end up in the whip. This, together with the motion on price increase a few weeks ago shows that the fools are forcing everyone to accept and subvert to their opinions although some will not agree to that proposal. That is the price of being the longkang MP of the Barisan Nasional, as some said -which rings true. MCA MPs are their lapdogs after all, because apart from UMNO, they won 15 MP seats.

Another case of point is this from Muhammad son of Muhammad that says - accept the transition plan. Indirectly, democracy in UMNO and in Malaysia is dead, except for elections.

3. Bullshit, Lies, Intimidation - This is more of the apartheid in South Africa. For example, when people ask how a black man / woman is killed, the agency in South Africa will provide something else through the official wordpiece, but it is totally untrue. For instance, people asked how Steve Biko, famed S.A activist was killed, the Afikaaners said that he died of hunger strike...but the thing is that he was beaten and killed by police men in South Africa. Does that sound like Anwar beaten by Rahim Noor to near death?

Now look at how the lapdog Health Minister claimed that Anwar is introducing Hudud Law. Hello, have you forgotten that you need more than 148 votes in parliament to introduce that? The worst of the lot is not on Liow, but on Musa who intimidated people by saying that military will be deployed at the PROTES rally, but nothing turns up, except people DI BOHONG!

Today at Utusan, many Johorean Ministers have claimed that efforts for motion and dissent have failed. Don't brag,'s the vanity that will kill you eventually.

See also: Khalid Nordin tells...from the UMNO mouthpiece.

4. No way through - Nazri Aziz thinks Parliament (in his capacity of Parliament affairs) is his grandfather's place. I wonder if the people in Padang Rengas were hoodwinked by BN into still believing in him. In arrogance, he said 'Motion will be shot down' - referring to the no confidence motion against Abdullah Badawi. I'm not referring to that one, but how he said that Parliament is closed to public view if it is BN's property. BN's paranoia about people power had got them to the wrong end. People are actually excited to see the drama unfold whether if the motion is approved or not.

I think the motion would be shot down and the next thing as Lentulus Batiatus calls *revolution* or more public dissent against tyrants. Well, additional tax money were spent on police manpower, roadblocks this and that...

Sadly, the government still doesn't have a clue to be prepared for sure of the coming economic collapse. They still keep big reserves of US Dollars, ringgit is still undervalued, etc..BN / UMNO still dwindles in political arena whereas the real problem is not on politics but economics.

Clearly from most of the things I've seen, it reminded me of forcing people to gobble rubbish down to their throats. The BN politicians, mostly have become 'communists' themselves after they had fought for 12 years against the PKM in the struggle against communism. I guess, Fukuyama's words about fall of communism had backfired.

Postscript: I just viewed the map of the 5-km gag there. The police is creating a major problem tomorrow morning as people will have trouble travel in and out of KL to go to work. If there is a boss that will ask you why you are late tomorrow, what will be your answer? I will simply answer, it is UMNO, Nazri and police fault!

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