Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's One Secret...

There was something which I was tight-lipped about and never mentioned to anyone at all. I heard that there's a cool phone in town, I thought maybe I'd share one to get it...!

Sometime in August 2002, I spent my two weeks semester break back home in Ipoh. One afternoon, I decided to go out to buy some groceries and fetch my brother who finished late at school. At that time, I was too excited to have the chance to drive my own car. It was a hand's me down Toyota LE 1.3 Corolla, which looks brand new despite a very old age. I only got my driving license in April, so every time I want to go out, it's kind of exciting.

I started the car and reversed it. I thought there was no car behind, but I was awaken by a small bump sound. Little I had forgotten that I reversed and hit the right-back of my neighbor's car, a white Proton Saga. The new neighbor moved into our neighborhood for about two months or so.

Shit..while I was reversing my car, my late granny saw me hit the car. I knew I'm gonna get grilled. But the neighbor didn't show up at their front door.

After I picked my brother and buying the groceries, I came back, and while inspecting how big the dent could be in the car, granny impatiently asked me a lot of questions and was scolding me for being careless. Shit...I made a stupid mistake and dented a very pristine but old junk! She told me that she was keeping an eye on the neighbor in case he appears out the door anytime looking at her while I was out.

But she was covering for me. No one, not including the other neighbors had witnessed my mistake. It was one of those secrets that we kept until today even after she was gone already. The neighbor opposite today still never knew who did it, I felt a bit guilty a few months after that thing happened.

Sometimes, hushing up is something that could save a person's ass and dignity...

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