Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Abdullah Badawi's Very Own Operation Grandslam!

If Operation Grandslam is Auric Goldfinger's ultimate plan for world domination, then notice that Abdullah Badawi has a grand plan in his hands with the ultimate objective: to stay in power, eliminating the competition! Yes...if you have been observing some of the events recently and if you are curious kind of person, piecing together it will give his very own grand plan!

But then, don't say that it's the bloggers that brought down the plan to ruin, but people who know, who love the country so much that they do not want zealots and despots running things around!

The bottom line of this so called Grand Slam is to still remain in power and then in future give the post of PM to Khairy. And in the process, he controls UMNO, eliminate his enemies including Najib, Musa, Gani and Anwar..etc and putting back in full effect of what is rejected called Racial politics. Now let's get straight to the point. Last week, at a secret meeting held at Jalan Bellamy in Kuala Lumpur was held and participating in this meeting among them was the Rembau division...of course you can smell Khairy is also helping to come out with this Grand Slam plan.

Like a four-act story, from what I pieced if I am correct in chronological order, the plan consists of four phases that kicks off by coincidence and from there it goes towards meeting his objective, disregarding of how the nation will suffer in the coming economic tsunami.

Phase 1: Taking Anwar Ibrahim off the Equation

This matter was premeditated between Saiful and Najib. As the leaked medical records implies that Saiful was never sodomized at all and just made a non-existent report to the police indicating that Anwar sodomized him. Of course the effect of the scandal would derail him from going for the crossovers. This would psychologically make the people in BN and PR doubt over his credibility to lead the government given with a man that has the knack of commiting sodomy in the past and present.

BN knew that people still do not know much of the truth until Anwar comes and exposes the wrongdoings of the present governments. Many knew through him that there are some in the government were forced to support policies against their personal opinion or risked facing the whip. They hoped to cover their dirt and sins by taking him out. Since Anwar is now in a bitter fight with Najib, accusing Najib over shady deals, Altantuya murder and the man behind the sodomy case, it will likely divert the people's attention over from BN.

Anwar has successfully put in DAP, PKR and PAS into a coaltion that still remains new yet sucessfully capturing 82 seats in the general elections. It was his incredible revelations and orations in series of speeches nationwide that influeced the outcome of the election.

The Malaysian Insider reported what exactly BN had in mind in August - charge Anwar over a non-existent report. As planned, the police will based the medical report that was taken from the KL General Hospital, and will proceed to charge Anwar over sodomy.

The bottom line is that the sodomy scandal, although non-existent, Abdullah wants to weaken Pakatan Rakyat by casting the PR associates in doubt with the scandal on Anwar. But, at this phase, they would not put Anwar at the will be at after Phase 3.

The KLH medical report doesn't exist at all!!!!

Phase 2: To Weaken Pakatan Rakyat via PAS

Sometime last week, Abdullah Badawi dropped a bombshell that UMNO had met PAS on occasions to form a joint-government in states. Khir Toyo lamented and blamed Anwar for the obstacle behind the talks. There were some in PAS who were part of the rounds of talks there - those who opened the backdoor. Some admit now that they had second thoughts of jumping over to UMNO. There were a few noted including some who met Najib in his London trip. Those who were opening the backdoor were the ones who were reaching the twilight of their time in PAS, particularly like Mustafa Ali, Hasan Ali.

Some have observed of remarks by Tajol Rosli over forming the pact or heard of Ezam in Perak to woo PAS members to join over UMNO and form another state government. The grassroots level people are not likely to buy into that idea. What is true is that UMNO does that because they are getting desperate for the support among the new generation of Malays seems to wane among them.

The purpose of doing so is that to make others cast their doubts over their decisions on being part of Pakatan Rakyat. When ominous rumors of some PAS members decide to leave and join BN, the effect would attract others to join them, thus weakening - then the implication. When PAS joins UMNO, there would be another snap election by September and after the snap elections, PAS would realize that they were expendable, used for UMNO's greed, for the sake of the so called defending the Malays.

The media is also helping in making the lie -

Phase 3: Aufwiedersehen Najib!

Najib had a lifeline in the 2004 elections. And the whole idea of a transition plan is to make sure that no one, not even Najib challenges Abdullah. But the whole thing is a hoax indeed. Abdullah secretly wants Najib out and the implication of Najib with the Altantuya / sodomy thing is likely going to throw him off the window and politcally assassinate him.

All things on Altantuya and the sodomy thing is all related to him. He wishes to use PAS to gain trust on Anwar and when that happens, ACA will go after Musa and Gani and then Abdullah sacks Najib. By that time, Anwar will be vulnerable and Abdullah can come in and checkmate him with the sodomy charge. After these two things that's where PAS will become expendable and maybe PAS people will regret of going with UMNO.

Phase 4: Beat the Competition In Elections

When Najib is taken off the board, the only competitors remaining would be Tengku Razaleigh and Muhiyiddin Yassin. Of course, Abdullah would want to beat the competion and of course, he would pay people's money to them to get them vote him and no one else. Those under his patronage - contractors, cronies etc..would help his cause of buying votes because if Abdullah would lose - that will be the end of them, economically. Yeah...dirty tactics that is. The real person that is intending to be handing the PM post over is not Ali Rustam, not Mike Tyson but Khairy.

After that - well, he can start back the ancient thing that is wrong called racial politics.

He'll definitely flip-flop over the transition plan thing!

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