Sunday, July 6, 2008

100 Days MPs Party

Last night at Blog House, a big party with most bloggers together with some notable MPs was held to commermorate the 100 Days post March 8 elections . It also hosts a fund raising event in which funds (at the end, it was close to $45K, 90% of the target) will be donated to All-Blogs. Also, LG was also promoting some of its gadgets including the upcoming model called SECRET.

Food was graciously provided by Gus of the Wharf together while satay was provided by a restaurant in Lucky Garden. Drinks..not sure. I came over from the Sentul police station picking up two people who did not have transport to go over there. I met a photo-journalist whom I helped to introduce to some notable people including TV Smith.

Apart from the usual suspects of bloggers and denizens, notable lawmakers who arrived there include Nurul Izzah, Loh Gwo Burne, Mr. Screenshots Jeff Ooi, Ronnie Liu (who was there at the police station) surprisingly, Marina's brother, Mukhriz and the last one to came was Wee Choo Keong (who made only after 12.30 a.m). Notable celebrity Erra Fazira (with her husband Engku Emran of SURIA FM) came there as well.

Raja Petra, who was questioned in Sentul Police Station, came 5 minutes after me with his wife Marina and his lawyer, Amarjit. He had a small talk with everyone. MPs were also asked a question or two by some numerous people but Mukhriz gave a very good answer on rejuvenating UMNO which drew applause from the crowd.

There was a lucky draw where one of the prizes include a LG Secret and a auction in which most of the things were purchased by Amarjit. Captain Lokman tried to buy one item but was outbid mostly by Amarjit! I missed out on bidding for a SECRET. Should have offered more than $900 since it's less than the market rate of $1400. :(

I was there, having drinks beer, wine and some liquor until 1 a.m where I went back because I need some sleep before covering the next event, the PROTES rally.

For further pictures you can view the photo album for this event at my Facebook link here.

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  1. one of the shockers- Crankshaft was actually a lady!


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