Monday, July 21, 2008

BN Playing Dirty Again.....Naughty Naughty!

The buzz is around town that high-level dialogue sessions between UMNO and PAS could cause a rift in Pakatan Rakyat. Not only it is true, but it is an attempt of provocation by Barisan Nasional to cause 'another emergency'.

PAS...We Need Your Help To Save Islam and Malays - UMNO

PAS Spiritual leader TG Nik Aziz had disagreed totally to those dialogue sessions and called for a stop to those unity talks, convinced that it is a trap set by UMNO to split the rival coalition apart and to court them to join them. Barisan still remains sulking in defeat although it has been already 133 days since the March 8 elections. And they wanted to recapture Selangor, one of the five states ended up in opposition by engineering provocation tactics that involves racial sentiments. Having suffered once back in 1969 as a then preacher for PAS, Nik Aziz was certain that UMNO will repeat that feat again.

The dialogue sessions is a part of the operation that is conducted by Barisan. UMNO knew that PAS could throw the dialogue agains the brick wall, and exposing them to the papers by Abdullah is to show doubts and discomfort to those who picked Pakatan Rakyat. Early on, UMNO approached prominent figures from PAS with possibility of them to join the coaltion for the sake of defending the Malay rights which they believed to be eradicated.

Najib had approached notable figures such as Mustafa Ali, Nasaruddin Isa in London. Even Sharir's brother, Khalid Samad was also mentioned as another PAS figures being courted by UMNO. Two interesting offers from them includes a second DPM posting in the Federal government assured by the BN and five Ministerial positions.

The controversial pig farm in Selangor is also one of the early parts of the operation but that part had to be scrapped when it was exposed that UMNO themselves approved the pig farming project.

No Need to Join (A Entity Called UMNOPAS?)!

My buddy Wattahack once told me of an idea of going to Kelantan with me and Howsy to visit Kickdefella there for a weekend, but we couldn't do so because of poor timings. But then I was pointed to his recent posting that PAS can handle themselves and did said of some present track records by leaders that shows that they do not need UMNO / BN to do so:


PAS kini mempunyai rakan kongsi yang prihatin dan menyanjung satu sama lain. PKR dan DAP bersama PAS didalam Pakatan Rakyat telah membuktikan ianya adalah satu resipi yang berjaya,

• Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang dari DAP sendiri menerima teknik-teknik pemerintahan tokoh Islam dan beberapa kali membuktikan bahawa dia jauh lebih prihatin terhadap orang-orang Islam di bawah pemerintahannya berbanding dengan UMNO sendiri.
• Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Menteri Besar Selangor dari PKR membuktikan beliau mengutamakan ketelusan sambil mengambil berat tentang masyarakat Cina dan India dibawah pemerintahannya.
• Di negeri Perak, walaupun PAS adalah minoriti tetapi PAS berjaya membuktikan kewibawaan Menteri Besar Nizar dari PAS dengan bakat kepimpinan tinggi dan amat prihatin dan amat disanjung oleh masyarakat bukan Islam.

It is also no point of joining them because UMNO would treat them as mere entities or toys and sooner or later, they can be expendable, which means PAS goes kapoof, it's still UMNO's gain.

Husam Musa also shared the same sentiment as Nik Aziz and Mat Sabu with his posting .

That's right, Abdullah Badawi and Najib are fishing the other end...with notable figures at PAS.

Update - 11.30 p.m: According to Malaysiakini, Khir Toyo is another player involved in the fishing game, offering various deals to notable PAS figures and the deal also involves invoking racial games with DAP....>!

Another Taman Medan Incident?

The parallel running of this dialogue session; being another part of the sabotage operation engineered by UMNO - Bedol and gang - case is the misunderstanding event where Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo-Burne was punched by an aide of Nik Nazmi on Friday evening. Now, the thing according to an interesting source is that the building of the mosque was approved by the state government with consent from residents there sometime ago, but the appearance of protesters despite the approval could indicate that BN brought protesters (with money) to do the dirty job: to provoke Malay sentiment.

Notice the timing where after the incident, Mike Tyson Taib said that this shows a problem in Pakatan Rakyat Selangor? Do I notice that he could be the one behind that thing given that his territory being Selangor and the capacity as UMNO Information man? Later on, Khalid Ibrahim said that the problem was solved. But I think that the punch was deliberately done so to ruse the protesters, to tell Gwo Burne that he got misled by saboteurs? As the source said, the plan was thwarted, so BN has to try other alternatives.

The alternative is the still debatable sodomy case of Anwar Ibrahim...a dirty trick which will be revealed in the next posting. Please stay tune.

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