Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bringing Johor Mentality Into Leadership

Some people described that the Johor mentality, especially those who are from the political background or royalties are 'those looking at four walls' or, depending on others as 'cannon fodders', taking everything for granted and last but not least, tend to exhibit their arrogance and vanity.

In the current Malaysian cabinet, there are seven ministers who are from Johor. I was reminded by a friend of mine that having those from Johor reminded me of the known sick mentality there, notorious reputations and common thuggery there, as well as the bringing the 'sekatan' over to the people there. Since UMNO is born from there in 1946, they have been putting more fear than anywhere on people there. Many there viewed Johor as not part of Malaysia but being an extension of Singapore. Such kinds of mentality there is why the opposition will give up on vooing people there to vote, because the UMNO influence is too strong.

I was told of a story by Flyer that in the past, involving his two children and the Tengku Bendahara. I won't go further but to say that this is indeed similar to the current ruler Tengku Mahmood (who had a notorious reputation in the past). Coming back to the point, having seven Ministers from Johor is what I believe is bringing their 'look at just four walls' and arrogance mentality known from there to other parts of Malaysia.

The evidence of how they speak high and mighty was the remark which is considered to be insensible - they told the non-Malays that voting against BN is betraying and not showing their appreciation to them for they are the ones that allow non-Malays as citizens of Malaysia.

Many perceive that PAS would usually make complaints on something that is illogical and against common sense, but have you look at how UMNO too makes complaints and not allowing Hindu temples in Kelantan? Or what about this 'Close One Eye' MP that moans of having women as chancellors in universities? PORAH!

Hishamuddin is a common example that many can be drawn upon. I do not need to reiteriate that the dagger antics at the 2006 assembly is an example of the state-style arrogance. Yes, the current education system is run by Johor ministers except that two out of four deputy ministers were not from Johor to ensure that they do not screw the education system. Does it do a difference? No, but still there are many students lacking and the system is still far behind from the acceptable international standards.

Syed Hamid Albar took the spotlight throughout the week...he ordered roadblocks for what he believed to be a rally by Pakatan Rakyat over the no-confidence vote. But it didn't happened and people owed him an apology. Given from what he said, he implies of subtle arrogance. People, whose loved ones in ISA wanted him to let those go and abolish it but he said no for they still cling on old believes. (hint: look at one of Zorro's entries here. He's bashing Albar for the last few days!)

I also remembered that days before the Bersih rally where Noraini Ahmad, a Johorean makes complaints of blogs being seditious..this is the result of the looking just at four walls mentality in which thankfully many blasted her to kingdom come. Not only that, there's Tomboy Azalina - of course you can see the vanity in the air - she feels when she won uncontested, but many knew that she 'bought the opponent' over. Another bloke that lambasts on blogs, and ended up with many throwing the pie at her.

Again, I am simply too concerned that bringing the kind of mentality over to the national level of leadership could pose a problem. The spreading out is like favouring one state over the another. Look at how Sabah and Sarawak were complaining after the elections saying that they were not given higher ranking posts in the government.

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