Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pick Your Poison!

While having dinner at Section 2 in Wangsa Maju, I noticed that fliers for the GERAMM protest this Sunday had appeared everywhere on every car's windshield. But given of appearance, I surmise that not many people, especially students will heed the call to go to Amcorp Mall this Sunday since most of them are from TAR college.

Since TAR college or UNITAR is under the purview of the government I don't think students would dare to go out for the fear of being sacked because of being on the opposition stance. I would have pity on them. Let's say that they have $1000 per month as pocket money or allowance, about 40% alone goes to petrol while $600 goes for food, and miscellaneous. There's not likely a chance for them to enjoy extra things if this cycle goes on and on.

Malaysia has turn upside down. Up is down, black is white. And in this time, Anwar claimed that he can manage economics better. You have Tony Pua as an ex-CEO sure he can do better than those BN ministers. Of all the choices whereby if I am asked to pick PR or BN, PR would be the sanest choice of all.

Let repeat that I am no fan of Anwar but in this situation, you need to pick the lesser of two evils. GERAMM is a last resort measure. If pleas are ignored by Barisan, that's where everyone is pushed into. Not because of choice but BEING FORCED to. Isn't this a brand new form of communism? Subversion to the ideologies that are logically wrong? That's why I am most likely showing support for GERAMM.

According to Malaysiakini, Anwar is planning to go nationwide to prove his innocence in the sodomy scandal. First stop on the nationwide tour would be Sunday's rally. If he's there, perhaps police might not be able to put full tabs onto that, since Selangor is under the Opposition and secondly, those two men, Sabtu Osman and Zulkarnain Rahman cannot put their hands outside their line.

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