Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anwar's Safe Bet

After weeks of speculation of where Anwar would be contested, it was announced today that his wife Wan Azizah would step aside to let him contest at his home town of Permatang Pauh. Usually a man sacrifices for a woman that he loves but it is otherwise and Dr. Mahathir of course shared the same sentiment today as well.

Kulim was originally the best choice but according to him, the waiting time for the petition over the Kulim seat would be taking too long as the decision would only be announced on the 19th. It would be a safe bet as there could be an arrest in the next 48 hours or so.

If a by-election goes fair and clean, I bet Anwar would win the seat easily.

I am pretty excited to see who would be his opponent. I have a hunch as Khalid Ibrahim said that Ezam should challenge Anwar.

It would be a nice climax to a soap drama right now. Boy, the whole nation political scenario is like a reality-level soap drama!

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