Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I had a torrid time in the morning, the traffic going to KL Sentral via Jalan Mahameru was quite jam and unusual, no thanks to the unnecessary roadblocks placed by the police - with an excuse of saying that Opposition was planning a rally in anticipation of the shot-down motion of no-confidence. Took me close to an hour to reach office because of the police.


That roadblocks has cost vehicle fuel, as Tun Mahathir said and of course, questioning from the superiors of why many people ended up very very late in the office. Now's here's one excuse for the boss, and it's an exception that all the delays is faulted at Syed Hamid Albar!! Yes, if my manager had asked that question today, I would have tell him that it is Syed Hamid's fault.

Another hundreds of thousands of tax-payers money were wasted on policemen doing roadblocks and inspections since Saturday afternoon. They could have be utilized for crime beat but the priority was screwed badly by the top brass and the politicians. If Syed Hamid repeatedly says that he did it because of security purposes, then it is either Najib's agents or the police provacateurs that had lied to the people of such 'apparent' intelligence reports. So the word 'sorry' isn't going to be something that I will accept from you.

There are some people who harboured grudges against you, particularly those who wanted their family members arrested under ISA to be let off. You were bashed because you were too slow to let a ISA detainee out to see a comatose child of his and he ended up too late to reach the child.

Alright, Hamid, ...show the proof you have on the so-called plan for rally.

If none, shut your mouth!

I now turn the attention to the police.


We should sack some of the top ranking officers. Musa's one them...this Sabtu Osman and of course this Zulkarnain Rahman - these guys are suppose to hunt down criminals, not to spook the public, not to intimidate the public, not to go down and arrest people who are doing the right thing! Or better, the entire police top brass should be replaced by more competent ones as they lack the foresight and they have too much short sight in brutality. They go to people's house, intimidate them any time they wish so as if they are high and mighty and if they own a place or something.

So, they claimed that they won today with the use of roadblocks. Next time, it might be different so don't brag because what they have done is wrong!


Bedol Badawi kept pointing fingers at the wrong parties. Like in the elections, he blamed others but not himself. And now he pointed at the opposition, not at himself, still not realizing that the root of all the problems is himself. He failed to keep control in the country. He just wants to be PM in name, and give the jobs to others to do it.

When he said today that Malaysia's economy is stable, I wasn't convinced of his statement. Obviously he's still thinking that there's nothing happening around. One main motive I kept talking about this matter in the last few days is simply about the economy. The economy collapse will be happening soon and Dollah Badawi is not doing anything. He's had a band of misfit advisers telling him the crap and bullshit that he should not be taking it. If he can't do it, then we'll get people to remove Bedol from the board. He doesn't have the foresight at all!


If the economy crisis happens and Malaysia is caught off guard, we will be going back to square one just as what happened in 1998. When that happens, everyone will not be very happy and public anger hits more than ever. The first phrase that will come out of their mouths would eventually be : "UMNO's FAULT!"


BN is in the paranoia mode right now. Some said that they are afraid of shadows, even if it's their own shadows. Right now, they too are scared on ensuring they get the right allies and buying the appropriate trusts like Ezam. So it was Najib who bought Ezam at the price of $2 million so that he can play the game against Anwar. So it's Najib and his agents playing today's game using defense resources.

To BN, they have gone into a stance whereby that they had to look around and be careful for sometimes, trust can be something that kills for them.

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