Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are You Looking Closely At This Liwat Thing?

Are you looking closely? - Alfred Borden, The Prestige

After some time, people are totally convinced, including the world that Anwar can never do that sodomy thing at Saiful. The reasoning is simply because of his age - and the injuries that he suffered at the hands of the gangster called Rahim Noor. No way he can force this thing on Saiful.

There was something that prompted me to look closer at the picture between the lawyer and the man believed to be an 'uncle' of Saiful. But from far, I thought it was a woman or a transversitite, given of his appearance. And I also had second thoughts of that person as a homosexual.

It was shocking to find that Saiful was indeed sodomized but...the twist (in the latest revelation) is that the person who did it - was the man in the picture! This was part of the act to show people convincingly that Saiful was indeed really in pain of sodomy. As said, people wanted to be awed and to be fooled, but the first act of magic called The Turn was not shown there. Only the final act - the Prestige was shown instead.

The proof? When the doctors first examine Saiful's ass, the real truth is that the semen specimen inside there is not Anwar but the so called 'transverstite' relative of Saiful. How did Saiful meet Najib? The answer was there...Rosmah and her trade partner.

Now that you're looking closer than ever, does sound of attempt of political assassination of Anwar?

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