Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Reason Why The 'Unholy' Trinity Must Go

My blog buddies Hawkeye and Zorro have mentioned of their call for the suspension of Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail. See their pieces:

1. The Unholy Trinity Must Go!
2. CALL For Suspension

Well, at least there's a relieve with Dollah Badawi has announced that Gani and Musa cannot interfere with Anwar's sodomy probe. While both gentlemen cannot touch Anwar for now, they can still do that on Pete. But still, Gani is the worst of the two and he will have to double go!

If you are a faithful follower and true believer of Pete's The Corridors of Power series, perhaps you are aware that Musa and Gani are no strange bedfellows with the underworld. Our own Prime Minister is also a 'unholy patron' of the underworld, apparently he was paid $20 million. Of course, in the complicated stories, Ramli Yusuff was setup by them, Johari Baharom was gagged and framed plus...

Well, some high influential figures behind the scenes are fearful that if Musa and Gani were removed due to the crossovers or something, their positions will be in threat and their 'investment' by their high-hand or illegal means will be wiped out in a big stroke. That's why they felt that the need to stop Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat from advancing further..and that means using their apparats = Musa / Gani.

No matter what happens to Anwar, the forthcoming economic tsunami would destroy everyone as well. It's no point of holding US Dollars now, it's better to reduce the reserves of USD and start stocking more on the Euros. If the government doesn't do that, Malaysia WILL BE IN DEEP SHIT. And the first phrase that people will utter if that economic tsunami destroys the nation will be either UMNO or BARISAN NASIONAL.

Informants Are No Longer Safeguarded

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