Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Theory in Bala's U-Turn

P. Balasubramaniam made a U-turn when he reissued another SD (6 paragraphs from the July 1 SD) but this time omitting things that mention of Najib's connection with Altantuya. I was trying to think of some possibilities of why he would do that but the only possibility of is that he was threatened by some hidden parties to retract his SD or his family / himself will be under threat.

The hidden parties involved were either agents (could be Black Scorpion Gang maybe) of some politicians (Najib or Abdullah) or it could be underworld figures with connections to either Gani Patail or Musa Hassan. I believe that it is well similar to how Ramli Yusuff is right now. After compiling evidence, he was charged over corrupt practices and in the process along with his subordinates, the Tengku Goh was taken off from the 'restricted residence' (note that he was convicted of rackets / illegal gambling in Johor).

Americk Singh said yesterday that the July 1 SD was made voluntarily but Bala said it was made under duress. If you look back at the pictures, you will notice that something was not right. The pictures can say that: unknown figures threaten him with his life unless he retracts or someone forced him to say in full and made a smile before showing the real truth.

In the end, while Anwar, Saiful and Najib are fighting over their scandals, it will be Flip-Flop Abdullah that tends to benefit from the game. Shouldn't everyone focus on throwing the inefficiency that is him and his gang out of Putrajaya?

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