Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recruiting God for Politics

It's only that that the Peninsular MCA has come over to Sarawak to help George Chan and co to get Chinese support that seems to be heading towards the DAP. The writing is already on the wall for George for they are about to be whacked very hard enough on the elections, except that they don't even know about it. 

But what was funny yesterday is was about the emcee for Wong Soon Koh's dinner in Sibu started to talk about BN being "God", righteous and the only savior of Sarawak. How pathetic that guy is. 

Excerpt from Malaysiakini:

8.30pm: Sibu Wong Soon Koh arrives at the SUPP dinner, with the crowd shouting in support and chanting "1 Malaysia".

The over excited emcee keeps on praising the BN government as "God of Righteousness", the only government that can serve the people.

I too also find Pornstar Chua's statement of Chinese vs Chinese statement a little illogical or nonsense. The statement seems to fall in the lines of the sentiment of  "UMNO represents all Malays and Islam" thing, although it is actually not. This is what Khalid Samad said yesterday:

“Umno is trying to make Islam look more Malay,” he said to shouts of agreement from the floor. “And this is when you get funny rules like the stamping of the BM bible.”

“They are going about the ‘Allah’ issue as though Malay is an Islamic language. Umno is creating the impression that Islam and Malay are synonymous and that Malay is even more Islamic than Islam.”

“They say non-Muslims should be banned from using the word ‘Allah’ so as not to create confusion. Don’t tell me that God only understands one language. But these are the idiocyncracies in BN."

This is what Malaysiakini reported on Pornstar said in Kuching:

8.45pm: Kuching Chua Soi Lek accuses DAP of being a party that pits the Chinese against one another. He said that by contesting only 15 out of 71 seats, DAP was on a mission to reduce Chinese representation in the state government.

He also claimed that DAP's purpose was to prop up PAS, citing the example of how DAP had helped install a menteri besar from PAS in Perak, despite PAS being a minority party in the then state government.

"If I had 18 seats (the majority) I would tell PAS 'Lim Pek is the boss'," he said.

If you look above - it's the indirect statement of only MCA and SUPP represents all Chinese in Malaysia. But defending against who or representing who really? World War II was over 65 years ago, Communist insurgency was over 50 years ago, then what?

Does that above mean recruiting God for political purposes? To point out of holier than thou?

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