Thursday, April 28, 2011

Behaving With The "Militant" Tag

John Malott in last July described Perkasa as militant, which he later clarified that the his meaning of militant refers to how aggressive they are in behavior. Their appearances in newspapers and various media - screaming over many subject matters seem to proved Malott's description. You just look at how they behave like school children. The moment if someone says something even the slightest that relates to the Malay rights, they start screaming like crazy or hopping like mad. 

The "schoolchildren" hopping at the U.S embassy wasn't the only case. A few days ago, they are exhibiting but unknowingly what exactly Malott described with that tag. They have staged a protest at MCA headquarters in Jalan Ampang demanding (demand, order) MCA to stop criticizing Utusan, thinking (as what Zahid was saying today) that Utusan represents the voice of Malays

Perkasa declared its intention to spearhead the “1Malay, 1Bumi” campaign and warned MCA that it would “face the consequences” if it did not stop its criticism against Utusan.

The Malay right-wing group also demanded MCA to retract its call for a boycott on the Malay daily, which Perkasa described as the “sole defender of the Malay voice”.

The demand was made in a four-point memorandum handed to a MCA delegate by Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali under the watchful eyes of the police.  - FMT, 25 April

This was what Arman said during the NGOs visit to the DAP headquarters in KL. Zahid would later echo that statement.

“Jangan begitu angkuh memfitnah dan memburukkan Utusan Malaysia. Akhbar ini adalah suara hak-hak orang Melayu. - Arman Hanifah, ex-Wira Perkasa head (from FMT, 25 April)

On Tuesday, Malaysiakini has reported that Perkasa has formed its own special unit comprising of Rela members. Many people think that it is more or less like another paramilitary unit of the organization. Many people voiced opinions unfavorable to forming that own unit. For instance:

1. It is dangerous to allow extremist groups to wear military outfit and assume a militant role. We should stop this nonsense immediately before things get out of hand while the future generation suffer the consequence.

2. Will there later be an official Perkasa component of PDRM, the army and civil service, teachers, etc. I say again, Rela members can be anything they want to be during their own free time, but there cannot be a Perkasa component of Rela.

Rela members are given firearms, does that mean that when they assume the role of Perkasa, they carry their weapons? This is madness.

3. When Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim proposed that Selangor form its own auxiliary police force to look after its citizenries, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said "no." But when it comes to Perkasa to form the Briged Setia Negara, Hishammuddin said it is "okay".

You only need to look at the sequence of events above to tell that they are behaving with the militant tag although they do not know that they are doing it. 

Perkasa and hardcore people say that Malays are always under threat from the Chinese over political power. This is the false mindset that has been implanted over the last 30 years or so, which factually doesn't exist at all. But if we want to justify that claim above, then there is a need of explanation of how some Chinese-own conglomerates are seen cooperating with UMNO over projects. Sounds baffling, right? But before they could rant out further, they only need to go back to see how many Chinese candidates contest in Parliamentary levels (both BN and opposition sides) to see if the numbers exceed that of the Malays.

The numbers don't lie at all. Which means, the whole thing was wrong. And yes, in visiting the point that Utusan represents all Malays, that is a wrong assumption because as according to the history books, even on their own history, there is hardly a unity on one roof. Maybe for a while because of external circumstances but generally it doesn't happen forever. 

One of my Malay friends pointed out sometime back that Perkasa is like a salt to a soup. Put too much and the soup becomes salty, meaning, the more they start screaming and bulldoze things around  (taking too many things for granted) the non-Malay partners, they peeve the other people are and would do more damage to their own self, unknowingly. 

While all the time people like those scream about those trying to challenge their standing in politics, Malaysia is heading towards a possible state of nowhere recovery from disaster. Despite tax money from people, there is hardly progress in social, education and economy, coupled with high cost of living not being offset by high income over the last decade. Indeed, despite tons of promises to people, there has yet to be a vast result that fits those needs above. Instead there are petty squabbles and obsession of sex over higher priorities. The main priorities got screwed mainly because of the dirty, obsessive nature of the political games that keeps going on.

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