Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Don't Even Need So Many E-mail Accounts!

I am just simply baffled by whoever in Pemandu was proposing that every Malaysian gets an e-mail account although most of them are already tech-savvy and have their own e-mail accounts. My first impression is that those buggers there didn't think deep and instead it is merely a dangling carrot and a mileage for political support.

Many people have asked the question of who is this company Tricubes. Apart from the knowledge that they develop the MyKad reader that are used by many government departments, they are in a very precarious financial position such as Bursa Malaysia can delist them in the space of six months of so. 

Pitching this idea also brings back of the illogical explanation of not having automated registration of voters. It simply defies logic really. Actually the approach is that you straight away register the voters automatically, and then if the person who wants to vote in the area of choosing which does not match with the one in the database, they just have to go to the Election Commission office. It is far better in that way rather with those many excuses that prop out from the commissioner's mouth or so.

RM 50 million of people's money on this project is a waste. It could have been done to expand the broadband penetration in Malaysia. They can do it in Sarawak now that the BN government manage to defend it in the state elections. If they don't, don't you think that it counts as a violation of promises? But the rate still remains slow, no large thanks to Telekom's monopoly over the wires they have to increase broadband, coupled with high monthly fees.

Even without the proposal above, I always have a hard time when communicating with government departments as they keep redirecting my calls to other departments here and there. It's pretty hard when they can't even understand what I wish to convey although I speak to them in Malay! Then what's the point of having this kind of stupid idea? Bailout Tricubes? 

Hey..look at some of the tweets and it's easy to say no to that idea - unless Pemandu wants to bulldoze it over:

“RM50 million for email?? existing MP published email also can’t reply efficiently, What level of confident such will improve the effective or efficiency in communication? 1malaysia only for who? actually?” said one fan.

“Please use OUR money in the correct way, upgrade our broadband, subsidy gasoline, remove credit card tax or whatsoever! We already have our own email account (gmail/yahoo/hotmail/etc) which is free, we no need 1Malaysia email account. Totally disappointed to your motto and actions,” said another fan.

A third said: “It’s astonishing how the gov is able to frequently come out with nonsensical plans to waste our money. Malaysia Boleh!!”

I am also very much against privacy so, it is always a concern where you can be contacted without consent in regards of e-mail. If you remember being one of those that receive SMSes or e-mail greetings from Najib (the former in particular)  without your knowledge, know that your privacy is at the risk of being used by third-parties with no consent.
At least a person has an e-mail account, and Gmail's space that increases exponentially for each user means they can be stored as long as you want, so why need more e-mail accounts to juggle for anyway? Nothing better to do huh?

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