Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Bleak Start To A New Year

I went back to Ipoh last Tuesday to celebrate Chinese New Year of course. But the atmosphere of celebration was kind of sombre and bleak.

My granny's passing at the end of '06 got the ball start rolling. As the mark of respect, there was no New Year celebration for the paternal side of the family for one whole year, with exception for my maternal family. This year was slightly better; everyone was there but I was expecting things better like it happened 15 years ago. Most of my relatives literally stayed at 'Lien 30 Man' and left in the afternoon of the first day. I wondered why? According to them, it's just observing the customaries before leaving back to K.L - since most of them there.

It is likely that those born in the year of the rat will require to do the 'tai sui' thing since it is meant to protect those like me from potential misfortunes and facing hardships at the later half of the year.

My brother is likely to leave Ipoh on the 16th. Of course there will be a lot of packing but there was something I did not like how it turns now. It seems that given the fact that there is no one to take care of my grandfather apart from having getting a maid under dad's supervision, the house in Ipoh is likely to be sold off at least after Easter. Up keeping will be quite hard, and it will cumbersome for my 85-year old man to be on his own.

As for me, I'm still struggling to get a job with a target by end of this month. I had no less than 6 applications turned down by companies including the major company Accenture. I really wanted to scold the HR department for 'making a fatal mistake of overlooking me', I was cursing my luck.

Of course, I put those sorrows away in form of either going out or playing video games while at home. I had nothing really apart from scheduling my interviews, with three slated to come out this weekend.

I just didn't like how it turns out now.

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