Friday, February 22, 2008

Fellow Guys Competing In Elections

I just returned home from dinner and I was surprised to see that a few guys that I've met in my last week adventures had decided not to become fence-sitters anymore and instead decide to compete in the coming General Elections for the good sake of the future of Malaysia.

First up is lawyer Wee Choo Keong. He had just setup a blog and it was wise of him not to make Bukit Bintang a three-corner fight an instead chose to fight under the PKR banner at Wangsa Maju (my uncle and aunt is voting there). He is very determined to serve and the problem is competing in an territory that he has not worked before will be a bit of a challenge. Back in November the night after the Bersih rally, Wee joined a bunch of bloggers including myself and remarked me as somewhat identical to fellow blogger SK.

I would bumped into him on the third day of the Lingam inquiry and subsequently on the sixth day when he was in loggerheads with chairman Haidar. But it was on the third day itself that he triumphantly stated that 'the end is near', in other words referring to the possible crumbling of the BN government and the gaining strength of the united opposition.

I was also surprised that the man who shot the video tape, Gwo Burne also decided to compete in Kelana Jaya against Subang Jaya assemblyman Lee Hwa Beng. Let me tell you something interesting: I came to the Chinese New Year open house just because of the sake of free food...I'm bit of tight in money and at there, I bumped into him. I offered my compliments over the video and in the next 15 minutes, he was talking almost the same thing as most of us would talk. Apparently, the spark of conscience of him recording the video somewhat smitten him into joining the election politics. But I am not sure of what he is doing now. I read that he came back from Shanghai for the inquiry, but now he's kind of talking this stuff and appearing at a few Keadilan gatherings from what I've read. Still scratching my head over this...

Whatever the case is, well it's basically a to your success gesture to them.

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