Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Not Ready To Make Nice

Two questions here:

1. Are you a person who has enough of how bad the country is being administered right now?
2. Do you feel nice against those powers to be that is turning things against your wishes?

If you answers are "Enough" and "No", then congratulations.

While digging through my computer files just now, I've stumbled upon a MP3 track that I had not used for quite sometime. This song by Dixie Chicks is called Not Ready to Make Nice.

This song won a Grammy at last year's Grammy awards for its country song.

According to the sleeve notes, this song is a intentional, direct jab at President George W. Bush for after the group had received death threats by certain quarters over the first jab against Bush. The encountered a Texas radio station boycott of all their music during the first jab. This song is one of their way of tackling the backlash.

You can view this song below.

I feel that this track is also useful in the Malaysian political and administration context. If you are among a group of Malaysians who loved the country so much, yet hated the way things are running out, view this video.

There Was One Napoleon, One Washington, One Me!

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