Friday, February 29, 2008

Send The Bloggers to Public Offices! (1)

I'm sure you all know him as one of the pioneer bloggers in Malaysia. It was from him that the blog community of all sizes in Malaysia began to blossom like a flower overnight. In the recent entry by him, he had rebutted a claim by CM Koh Tsu Koon over various accusations of Penang economic state with solid facts and through some insiders. I've been through Jelutong several times in my two years in Penang and I notice that it is one of the sections in town that still remains in a shabby state despite assurance from BN to improve the condition, apart from the road conditions of course!

I met Nik Nazmi sometime ago in November / December last year. He told how hard he has to do as Anwar's personal assistant, handling schedules, trips, and his arrangement, plus handling three sites including Friendster, MySpace and Facebook. As a personal assistant, he gets a 5 figure pay alone for this work. It involves following him throughout the country...and now he's got a shot in serving the state. Good. As there is a chance to rebut and disagree what Khir Toyo will think and on the way, BN DUN reps of Selangor will make a boo out of him!

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