Saturday, February 2, 2008

Digging At The Wrong End

On Wednesday, I thought it would be the last day of the Lingamtape inquiry when at last minute, Balan could not testify due to insufficient time. I went in the afternoon to see the *presumed* last day of enquiry.

After watching the cross-examination between ACA's Chuah Lay Choo and BAR's Ranjit Singh, I was kind of laughing of how ACA, being thuggish and aggressive at people, threatening to do various of things to get them spill the beans. But in the end, the ACA was rapped for sloppy work.

In the days since Chuah was told by Commissioner Mahadev Shankar to look for phone records, she had went to the wrong end to look for the records. Ranjit Singh was able to dig all the records and narrowed down at the exact time frame. Chuah looked for records in the year 2002 and concentrated on just December 20 2001. But Ranjit looked at just between December 13 to December 24 2001. Also, she got rapped for not making Lingam going for a lie-detector test and ignoring a UK based phone call. 'Not on my investigative boundaries' she said!

And Ranjit hit the jackpot. There were two calls related between KL and Singapore that lasted for 25 minutes plus that could fit the bill. That call was recorded on December 20 2001. This wasn't mention in neither the Star nor NST, but clues from the transcript.

First - 'The CJ is the relative of the current Agong' - The 12th Agong was appointed on December 13 2001.

Second - 'How's Wan Adnan?' - Tan Sri Wan Adnan was ill and he passed away on 24 Dec 2001.

Third -'Being the old man, he's 76...' Dr. M was exactly 76 on December 20.

The rest of the news tells the rest of the story of how sloppy ACA is now.

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3. Malaysiakini: ACA Officer Rapped for Sloppy Work

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  1. how sloppy? by intent? look at how good they were in getting a underworld kingpin free from restricted residence. and this together with the police and AG office and that at the expense of some cops who did all the work at the behest of the deputy minister of internal security.


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