Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chain of Events Part of 'The Plan'?

You don't even need to ask around when the election is coming when the newspapers are throwing the breadcrumbs for all of us to pick up. With those kind of events that say 'prepare for this', doing many thing to benefit the people at last minute, you can bet that the election is definitely in March. Most probably, the week after the holidays.

It's not possible to hold elections on the week of school holidays or the week before that. First, on the latter, Abdullah Badawi had to go for an O.I.C conference. Secondly, on the former, the week marks the end of the first batch and the start of the second batch of National Service participants, which requires parental involvement in the matter, unless, the N.S Council is directed to allow an early leave by one week. Which means, it could somewhere around March 20, since it is a public holiday (Prophet Muhammad's birthday). If that is to happen, it means the next day must be replaced to for that holiday. If any coalition wins, then Friday is likely to be off as well, maybe a long break for that week?

While going through the "pro-government" dailies, last Friday was when the Blue Wave arriving in Penang to do things to win back the attention of the Penangnites with touching on matters of religion, each race welfare (does it sound similar with the Templar psychological method during Emergency?). I immediately thought earlier that it could be half-baked promises like one half done, while one-half not done because of red-tape and so on.

Last night, I remembered of a sample circular issued by UMNO's Sheikh Radzi Ahmad. The circular did say of 'The Plan' that involves racial matters. When I read a few stuff of the big wigs going around to meet people, be that kind of friendly PR thing, it was a wishful thinking that I had: was those things that were done were based on 'The Plan?' that UMNO, on behalf of BN telling the rest of the component parties to do this, do that? Then today, I saw this piece at Malaysiakini that said, Najib waving stick for carrot, I was wondering, was it from that plan?

Again, it was wishful thinking, that's all.

Wait a minute. Do I see some kind of running dogs in Malaysia there?

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