Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Cunt And A Filthy Liar

In an e-book called 70 Reasons Pak Lah Does Not Have The Capability to Rule Nation, one of the reasons that was documented in the book was simply written as:

#25: In making decisions, Bedol Napoleon practices the yo-yo and flip-flop style.

Example 1: Presiden MCA kemukakan memorandum minta peruntukan membina SRJKC baru di bawah RMK9. Khairy Jamaludin, Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno Malaysia terus berkata permohonan itu tidak harus dilayan. Pak Lah terus bersetuju dengan Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno itu. Kemudian Presiden MCA menjelaskan tuntutan itu selaras dengan Dasar Pendidikan Negara di mana pendidikan Sekolah Rendah China dan Tamil masih kekal. Dengan penjelasan Presiden MCA itu, Pak Lah pun berkata ‘OK boleh. No problem. Permohonan lulus’. Inilah sistem pentadbiran Flip Flop atauYOYO. Sebenarnya Pak Lah sendiri salah faham apa ertinya SRJKC itu.

So, this afternoon. Malaysiakini was the first media reporting that Bedol Badawi has decided to dissolve the parliament, making an abrupt U-turn from yesterday saying that he ain't dissolving it today. One of Abdullah's weaknesses, as pointed by Old Man Mahathir is that he is indecisive and lack of knowledge of most matters, those having to rely on family decisions, especially the Son-In-Law. The partners of Son-In-Law are the ones controlling the media, he had several secretaries reading mails before reaching him, so that's why there are no replies made to most who had wrote letters for his personal attention.

Some had anticipated that this would be coming already. Bolehland is terribly afraid that Anwar could be running around with his mouth if it is to be held after April 14 2008. There's shit in their pants already.

What can we do now?

I have decided to boot the idiots out administering Malaysia. Because of them, Malaysia has gone from glorious days to being a pathetic boys. With semi-literate ministers, the education minister who just love to brandish and wave the Malay dagger in public, and those who just wanting to bath everyone with their Ketuanan Melayu thing, they will make everyone suffer, money going away from the actual tank.

I also felt that for those who love Malaysia so well, you need to understand two things, that I think I can help you out before you go out to vote. Literally, every mainstream paper is BN's propaganda. Don't trust all of them.

Bolehland Cronies? -Read this : Zulhasnan - The $700 million Man
BN Desperate? - Read: You need Me / There's One Napoleon, One Washington, One Me

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