Friday, February 1, 2008

Abdullah: There Was One Napoleon, One Washington, One Me!

Old Man Mahathir yesterday @ Malaysiakini said that BN and UMNO needs cleaning. The Alliance itself is tainted with corruption within and contains a certain number of extremists hell bent to make things worst with their ridiculous policies.

The Alliance has now been a subject of dissastisfaction in the opinion of the non-Muslim Malaysians. The MIC has been blamed for not doing helping their kind, resulting in the November 25 HINDRAF rally. The Chinese also blamed MCA for not helping them as they are getting marginalized. All in all, both of these main races were marginalized with MIC and MCA being with UMNO. The KL Chinese too remembered that it was certain quarters of UMNO aligned to the late Tun Razak were responsible of instigating the May 13 1969 incident. This incident paved the way of having the NEP thing which gives more cons than pros to the nations economy. (From th Declassifying May 1969 Book)

Bagaimana Crony Kaut Untung!

Everyone should at least learn that Chinese Malaysians play the key role in the economic foundation Malaysia. The NEP is like jumping queue, robbing things that other people work hard and those who advocate it just snap it up with no sweat! Isn't that unfair?

MCA is still actively roping people into their organization whereas it was known as the UMNO running dog. But they are not doing thing good for them. Just kick them out, haha!

Abdullah Badawi has recently asked the people to give him a mandate and a plead for more time to do things he had promised right at the start of 2004. But the people are not happy with how he does things. He had the chance four years ago and it seems that he screwed up.


The famous yellow-coat detective Dick Tracy comic strip is one of the 20 oldest comic strips running in history besides Popeye and Blonde. Created by Chester Gould (1900-1985), the comic strip is a smash hit due to its unique array of rogues gallery that Tracy battles throughout his adventures. Sherlock Holmes is cited as a prototype for the creation of Tracy.

More of Tracy here.

Interestingly, when I watched the 1990 adaptation of the show, starring and directed by famous actor Warren Beatty, I was clearly reminded of the characteristics of the rogues portrayed by the actors who played them. The film has many villains crammed into one because as a measure in case the film did not have a sequel. A sequel was in works but Beatty is currently involved in a lawsuit with Tribune Media over the rights. Secondly, he had a spat with Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder of Dreamworks, which he refused to finance Beatty's later film Bugsy. The characters and their attitudes can be used, applied and shall we say similar to some of the political figures in Malaysia.

Hey, it's just something that came across my mind!

Apa? Can't hear you cakap..!

Mumbles - Mumbles is described as a conman who has an incoherent speech. In other words, sometimes you cannot catch the meaning of what he's trying to say because of the incoherence. The first guy that I thought that could fit the similar characteristic is Mamak Maidin. I asked someone the other day about his opinion on Mamak of Merbok and he told me that he talks like a schoolboy, particularly on the day of the BERSIH rally itself - he had too much emotion to talk about that day. Maybe you can watch a video featuring him and study the way he says.

Gatalnya....Tak ada judiciary crisis, lol!

30 Seconds No More Dick, 30 Seconds No More Dick!

Itchy - Itchy Oliver can be nasty but he has an itchy skin, being itchy in my opinion means that someone is itching to make bullshit statements, like Nazri.

Pruneface - Prunface was described as one of the meanest gangsters under Big Boy. A saboteur, a spy and a Nazi. Although I do not have anyone that could match the physical description, Najib is somewhat a mix of the look of Numbers (the accountant specially created for the film) and Pruneface.

Big Boy Caprice was arguably the greatest adversary of Dick Tracy and he is modeled after Al Capone.

In the movie, we notice a few moments like Big Boy giving Lips Manlis a bath, the cement bath. I thought Lips is kind of a guy who talks too much with those abnormal lips. Then I remembered of Lim Kit Siang, who talks too much in his online site, no less than 4 or 5 posts per day, more than anyone else. Giving the bath is like BN asking Lim Kit Siang to shut up and stamps his freedom of speech.

I'm Out!

During the gangsters meeting, Big Boy wanted every gangster in town, even those who had crossed paths with him to join up to form a commission. But then a rival mobster, Spud Spaldoni (a James Caan cameo) refused to join.

Big Boy would rub him out later on like Anwar Ibrahim getting the sack in 1998. According to him, UMNO people absolutely do not like him over his methods of running the country. Some called him the renaissance man, hence the title of his 1996 autobiography.

Like I've mentioned recently, Abdullah Badawi is imploring every minister and MP to give him the support even if the administration is considered weak by the public. All the recent things he said, I don't know, I don't have a solid opinion...but he's keeping a hush hush to a few.

The most important and exciting part is the famous line from Big Boy from the movie: "You get behind me, we all profit. You challenge me, we all go down..."

There Was One Napoleon, One Washington, One Me!

So what does that tell you? AAB is great but actually weak? All sorts of adverbs and nouns that we can use to describe the current government of Malaysia? You be the judge...!

Author's Note: I've reposted this again as this did not show up at one of the Google Feed yesterday.

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