Saturday, February 16, 2008

Essential Open Source Utilities

Sure, everyone who owns a computer at least must have three utilities such as a notepad, CD Burner program and a zip program. The commonly used programs is Notepad, Nero Burner and Winzip.

But these programs are considered requiring a license to continually used as you are given a 30 day evaluation before the whole program disables its features seen in a registered version after it reaches the expiration day.

Let me tell you of three essential utilities you might want to consider if cost and license is a problem


PSPad is touted to be a successor of Textpad. It has the features of Textpad but it also caters for XML files which Textpad does not have. And you only need to download, unzip the package and run it. This tool is also a favorite of Java programmers who prefer to use a normal textpad program than using an IDE like Eclipse and Netbeans.


Someone told me that it is the alternative of Nero burner as it can burn CDs and DVDs. My problem right now is that my old version of Nero could not work in Windows Vista. Nero requires a CD key to run properly, I mean most of the features could be run in a registered version. This would be a good alternative.


A good compressor tool as this supports the ISO format seen in Daemon Tools as well as the RAR format seen in WinRAR. However, a better compressor program is out there and it is deemed the best open source program of 2007 - 7-zip as it has a higher compression rate. 30-50%

You can look for all of these tools at

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