Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Pure Overkill

Before Chinese New Year, I went to watch the new Rambo movie not just because it is good, but I was told that the body count in this movie is the highest of all the series.

Los Angeles Times writer John Mueller got the final count of people getting whacked by heroes or the enemies. In the opening sequences or during the village massacre, bodies are seen being flying around and mutilated. I can imagine the massacre heads, hands torn off, blood oozing out and etc is somewhat an overkill.

Rambo's overkill reminded me of reading Mother Russia. In the book, Frank Castle massacred most of the Russian military, with an arsenal of weapons single-handedly in the missile silo in Suhdek. He said something of butchering them: "12.7 mm Dushka's just like our 50.Cal designed to be used on aircraft. You use it on people, you turn them into paint." At the final massacre, Rambo just used the same thing as Frank did in whacking those soldiers.

Back to the body count. Mueller declared that the final body count was 236, which was about more than 1.5 times higher than the body count in the third Rambo film. In First Blood, just one person got killed, a miserable Deputy Gault who fell from the chopper. Rambo whacked 83 people alone in the film, while his allied-mercenaries contributed another 40.

See the chart for the exact tally above.

Now, I'm pointing to the number 236. You see there are 222 Parliamentary seats up in Malaysia to be grabbed in the next general election. Recent tactics, some rough-hand by Barisan Nasional would suggest that BN is aiming for a clean-sweep as part of Bedol and Son-In-Law's Zero Opposition initiative. Currently, they hold 91 percent of parliament, shouldn't we think of it as an overkill?

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