Friday, February 15, 2008

Barisan Nasional Goes Casino Mode

EXT: An open field leading to a mysterious structure.

Jack Alexander: So this is how the story ends.
Rick Henderson: Who's story?
Jack: 47's. I've been looking forward to this for a long long time.
Rick: Isn't this his funeral?
Jack: It is.
Rick: I thought you got him in Mississippi.
Jack: No. We were quite close. He knew that we were on him. He was running scared.
Rick: So where did he go then?
Jack: Where else for a last desperate roll of a dice?

Hitman: Blood Money, Chapter 12 - A House of Cards

I'm not trying to elaborate about the video game that I played above, but I am trying to highlight a key phrase mentioned in the cut scene of the chapter. There were 15 chapters, and this was the 12th one. Chapter 12 was arguably my favorite of the scenes in the game. It is literally simple and clean and you can score a nice Silent Assassin rating by strangling two targets and execute the last one with a bullet on the head.

No. I'm referring to 'desperate roll of a dice'. Imagine Barisan Nasional and Barisan Alternatif as the players and we are the wheel, cards, and the dice. The value of the wheel, card and dice will decide whether which one of the players will win. And there are no runner-up winners.

Election date has been set on 8 of March. Of course it is an auspicious date and a date of convenience. There are a few things that prompted them to move earlier than the predicted 15 March. There's the NS 2nd batch, OIC meetings and 20th marks the Prophet's birthday so those two weeks is deemed impossible to hold.

I already declared previously that I'll boot the BN idiots out this round. (The Cunt And A Filthy Liar)

Sure, this means that they will block Anwar (see Malaysiakini) from contesting and then they knew that any more delays will result in public anger. The bottom line is that even you trust the BN, in the end, the petrol prices will go up by April. So you end up on the losing side and it's just another 5 years of comedy like in 2004. The real problem is involving the rural folk who don't even know about the malpractices and the big mistakes of BN. Just learn the lesson of 1999 and 2004. Don't make the mistakes, okay?

So that's why BN are desperate for a roll of dice. They are facing a lot of problems right now. And people knew it was coming - perhaps a tell tale sign that support for BN is getting low. To some, it is seen as gambling for higher stakes after a big win in the 11th general election.

But here the question is will people be played a fool any longer? So we will need to tell them. Perhaps Malaysia's Achilles heel is the Public Relation image and impression with the rest of the world. So the moment where CNN or BBC reports of a BERSIH rally, Malaysia gets embarrassed in front of the world (thanks to Mamak Maidin) and the Bolehland guys will have to go damage control to fix it up. If the mainstream media absolutely puts a blanket on such kind of news items, then the hands of true patriots will be forced, I'm saying that we may need to tell the world the truth....You have seen how Najib talks of May 13 and those potential threats. So you know that it has more consequences then advantages if BN gets 148 Parliamentary seats and above.

Maybe we might want to have a change this time.

Author's note: I'm reasoning this if we are forced to pick either one with no option to abstain.

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