Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Manifesto vs Manifesto

I had just compared the BN's manifesto against the Keadilan's Manifesto. I'm using the latter as a base point to evaluate the differences between both parties.

The most significant differences would be pointed out in two sections namely education and economy. First stop on the education section, BN's promises are primarily focusing more on race unity, scholarships and issues focusing on the primary and secondary schools. However, it does not address the problem issues as mentioned in the Opposition manifesto such as:

1. Content of teaching. BN never said anything about it, which implies that they still stick to the exam-oriented and memorizing approach, and the curriculum still remains the same and sticking back to the past without being reexamined.

2. Malaysia Universities are ranked below 200, and there was no mention of addressing it.

3. What about those non-Malays getting scholarships? It was not mentioned by BN.

Blame the Kerisman!

On the economy basis, it seems that they are still intend on sticking back to sort-by-race selection and still retain the NEP which seems outdated. True, as some predicted that the earning of a Malaysian is 10 percent of a Singaporean that most idiots are ignoring the fact. Which explains why the Sultan of Selangor was mentioning the brain-drain syndrome that Malaysia is facing right now.

Actually, too many development corridors will bring a side-effect that is wealth sharing limited to cronies. It was not mentioned also how they planned to cushion the inflation for the public. Most of the manifesto mentioned by BN are just straight to the point, without giving a sentence of explanation or something.

I let you be the judge on comparing both manifestos and see it for yourself. The part of Malaysia losing out to Singapore, Taiwan and earning 10% of a Singaporean is dreading everyone including myself.

The most significant part between the two manifestos is that the BN's manifesto is unable to convince the public on fighting crime. Despite the promises, crime rates had gone up by 43 percent as what most of them said.

It will be good for a change this time.

Not convinced? Read the Malaysiakini report that Islam Hadhari had failed miserably.

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