Monday, February 25, 2008

Do You Trust the Manifesto?

BN had got off to a head start of winning 7 Parliamentary seats unopposed on Sunday, with a prominent seat won by 'Boy George' Azalina Othman. Rafidah Aziz was nearly disqualified at her Kuala Kangsar constituency by leaving out a form that she did not carry to the nomination station.

Most of the seats that are at Sarawak, but I had a pondering this morning. You see sometimes there could be shadowy elements of gangsters in black carrying boxes to another location as to swing the result into their preference. That is just a wishful thinking but I think it is a possibility that other opponent MPs were 'pushed' not to go for nomination as the expense of their lives.

According to this video by Malaysiakini, a guy was beaten up by motorcycle gang riders wearing BN t-shirts. Does that thing apply to what happened to Sarawak? Possibly, as I would not rule it out.

Malaysiakini: 'I was assaulted by mat rempit in BN shirts'

Today, Abdullah Badawi had launched the BN's manifesto which is titled 'Safety, Peace and Prosperity'. But the question here is that whoever wins the election this round will decide on the fate of the nation in the next 50 years. Even the manifesto is out there, Bedol Napoleon has failed in 4 out of 5 objectives, primarily on the 43% crime rate and the high amount of corruption that still remains.

Najib was quick to dismiss fears of fuel price after the election, but don't be fooled for that it could happen soon. Is it the real way of managing economy when there are cronies around that plundered the nation's wealth that others do? The fuel issue is something that will likely be the 'trump card' for the opposition, whereas the biasing and the 'big believe of spins' at the public will be in BN's favor.

Why did Abdullah lie the other day?

The answer is simple: National Operations Council. When the council is in place, the Parliament is suspended and so does the police force. In other words, martial law. Back in 1969 to 1971, he was the secretary of the NOC, so he knows the mechanism. The threat of using it is something that cannot be pushed aside easily by anyone.

There should not be any fear that if the opposition wins, it means the end of Malaysia. No. it's just another government that could have different views from the present B.N. The fear implanted into everyone's minds of Islamization by PAS and empty promises is just the recipe of making them stay the line. But while you stay the line, the 'Malay Supremacy' plan is in the running already.

Media is biased!

Last week, Mamak Maidin was saying that the media here is not biased. This adds to what the EC Abdul Rashid was saying of Malaysia being a laughing stock. But then the papers are showing how bias the media are towards BN and antagonizes the other side. A little while ago, a few hours after the BN had launched its manifesto, the BN ad has been shown over NTV7 which is of course a BN-propaganda station under its sub-entity called Media Prima. That means that every station that you see discounting Astro is a BN-propaganda machine. Now do you called that bias?


The other day, I asked someone to provide a comparison between a BN MP and a Opposition MP. And there was a clear difference. He simply asked me as the answer, is my BN MP a Longkang MP and someone that speaks with no fear? A longkang MP is an MP that minds his own territory. If a BN MP tries to speak out in the Parliament, usually, it goes against the party's toe line and he / she is likely to face the whipping. After the HINDRAF rally, Cameron Highlands MP was reprimanded for saying against the official party policy.

So that explains why most of the BN MPs would mostly kotow to the party line or to UMNO as it forms 60 percent of BN. The instant I see the word or hear it, 'kotow', it would bring me back to Dr. Ayam (Lee Chong Meng of Bukit Bintang). There are some who believed that he should not win Bukit Bintang. Of course this was based on the fact that he was the first one to KOTOW to UMNO after Bersih saying that the rallies are damaging their business. True, it's not easy to fight out in B.B but are you going to buy into his promise?

So now it goes back to what I rambled sometime ago of picking the lesser of two evils. The opposition just wants to prove that they can do it as the BN does. But after the last few years, BN's hand was too heavy, exerting influence of the common folk, and the people this time are not as of the pre-Internet people. Internet penetration in Malaysia has expanded tremendously and urban people are starting to get well informed of things around. It can also be a substitute of the typical newspaper. But the tough part is on getting to make rural folks understand.

True, as Haris said the other day, the people are actually the boss, not the government being the boss. The fundamental fact has been forgotten by most of the people running the country. And we have to show them. 11 million votes decides who is the winner this time round coming March 8. People should think 50 years ahead. Remember the possibility of 'Malay Supremacy', don't make the bad mistake as 2004.

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