Monday, February 18, 2008

Notis Pemberitahuan Bungkusan Pos

Finally, my order from Amazon has arrived today and I was given a card whereby I can go to the Pos Malaysia depository in Pudu to collect my package. After calculating and comparing the costs, I felt that I made the right choice of getting the same quality at the lower price. At Amazon, I paid about $43 USD, converted as close to $130 compared to paying $183 at Kino. True, the books are at Kino, but the price there is based on AS before discount. The main reason is that the book cannot be found easily at the Malaysia distributor, Times. If you see a price that is roughly multiplied by 3, therefore the books must have got a special deduction price and the publishers must have an authorized distributor in Malaysia.

I was hoping for a book that allows quick refreshing of my Java skills and I noticed that this book was perfect for me to go into it. I believe that my Java skill set still remains weak and there's a lot of brushing up to do here. After that, I might be going into either JSP or J2EE.

My brother has finally moved down to Cyberjaya last Saturday and he's starting his journey on Thursday. I met him downtown Low Yat while going for an interview later on by having lunch with him. He was trying to get a wireless USB for him to use his wireless connection at his place there. The condominium that he's staying is quite big and it can have 4 people sharing that place. He was told that in addition to him, there would be a Korean, and Iranian and a local PJ boy sharing the place. For these few days, he was going around, wanting to meet me up at my aunt's place meeting up with my grandfather. He's staying with his two daughters while my father, who's now responsible for his care is away at Macau for some business trip.

Edmund was actually commenting about my concern on the religious authorities coming confiscating Bibles and etc with the latest of being the authorities confiscating a dead Chinese man on the grounds that the man converted to Muslim without the knowledge of the family relatives. Religious freedom is never as great in Malaysia compared to Indonesia and I believed it is no flexible. The reason is that there are Indonesians born Muslim but practiced Christianity. No one stop them there, and actually it is possible here as documented in the Federal Constitution.

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