Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Realistic Chance of Winning 75 Seats This Time

Seeing the past few news articles from both sides of the media, the mainstream and the alternative and comparing them, I believe that there is a realistic probability that Barisan Rakyat or the opposition can win up to 100 seats, thus achieving the target of 75 Parliamentary seats, thus denying the 2/3rds majority craved by Barisan Nasional.

PAS has targeted an objective of winning 40 of 60 Parliamentary seats it will be contesting, thus aiming to hold Kelantan and taking back Terengganu after its sudden success in the 1999 edition. DAP targets 30, bla...bla..bla The Indian community has lost confidence and are quite angry with MIC / Samy's inaction to deal with the Indian welfare, so I guess most of their votes will go to the opposition, either Keadilan or DAP, depending on the opposition candidate. And there's a 50-50 chance for DAP winning seats in the three major states of Penang, Perak and Selangor. Most of the voters there are urban voters who seem to have knowledge of everyday welfare. They are the ones that discuss issues in coffee shops and they will likely look at how a candidate will do and perform before deciding on who to vote. This will be a tough part.

One possible factor that could swing the vote into opposition favor is of course the possible petrol increase in April to $2.20 per liter. There was an accusation made by Shafie Apdal that the present subsidy will no longer hold the nation much longer, a counter from what Anwar Ibrahim proposed with its economic agenda, which includes lowering petrol prices to a potential price as of 2004. But then, son-in-law called Anwar as bullshit. This is indeed the turning point. If the vote goes to BN, the poor and the middle will suffer more and we may have to ask for an increase of pay in our work by force to cope with the increase of costs in everything.

A latest update by Uncle Zorro - yes....the one eye Jasin MP has been dropped from competing.

Malaysiakini: K.J - Anwar is a traitor and a hypocrite

You should now be aware that Abdullah Badawi no longer holds the command over the nation, but instead it is K.J. Abdullah Badawi is just the Prime Minister officially and in name. But the real man running the show is K.J, de facto position. Given of Abdullah's indecision, some decisions and actions are given to the son-in-law to decide. He has his partners at 4th floor controlling the media, his selected people as his political secretaries including Wan Farid Wan Salleh. Do you see now that AAB is weak?

Perhaps this will make people think carefully of whether to believe of the MEA and disobey BN or believing that Anwar Ibrahim's commentary is a sick joke and believing the spinsters. The problem is how will we get to have the opinion of the conservative people? Are we going to see the demands of potential extremist Muslim groups' demands fulfilled?

BN In Desperation

I remembered a few days ago when Abdullah Badawi said that the people needs BN and was scolding them for not appreciating them for the subsidies that are offered. The real problem lies in mismanagement and bureaucracy that Bedol did not see for himself. Looking at the plea, it reminded of the saying 'You challenge me we all go down. There was One Napoleon, one Washington, One Me!"

From the Star:
“Please trust us – we are your government. If you look at the economy, we are doing well. That is a fact proven by figures. But people still claim otherwise because of increasing prices. This is a very simplistic way of analysing the economy.
“Nobody is happy to see prices rising but this is out of our control. The question is not how to bring down prices but how to help the rakyat cope."

He said we are a subsidized people, a heavily-subsidized people:

“Every country in the world is faced with rising oil prices except maybe Brunei but you cannot compare. The RM40bil oil subsidy we give out can be used to build better schools, roads, hospitals and infrastructure but we don’t want to burden the peopleation and medical treatment was also heavily subsidised by the Government.
“We subsidise even water and electricity, yet people are angry when they hear the word ‘toll’. We try to subsidise as much as possible but we still need to impose toll charges because we need to build roads,” he said before thanking the Chinese community for contributing to the country’s economy.
Hahahaa...then today it's the Son-In-Law to echo what Bedol is saying of 'You Need Me'. Quote from Bernama:
He said the opposition's plan to turn the country into a welfare state would raise the deficit in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to 12 per cent and burden the people as it would increase the country's debts.

"I hope the youths will look at what each party has to offer. It must make realistic promises. If you look at PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat), it makes only empty promises," Khairy, who is also Umno Youth deputy chief, told reporters after launching the Lembah Pantai BN election machinery here tonight.

He was commenting on the perceived change of mood among the younger generation following the street demonstrations.

Asked on the feelings of the Indian community towards BN, Khairy said he was confident that it would continue to support BN after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had given his assurance that the government would give serious attention to their problems and requests.

"In BN, we have no denial syndrome. Actually, the Indian community still needs our assistance and support," he said
Look closely. Are you going to believe what the mule says?

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